Buffalo Wild Wings announces League of Legends Championship partnership

Buffalo Wild Wings prepares for an eSports championship.

Buffalo Wild Wings partners with League of Legends and sets the stage for a new trend for America’s Sports Bar. This new agreement is the first-ever streaming deal for an eSports property and a major restaurant chain. This announcement shows the influence that eSports has on the sports industry.

As the return to the field has many sports struggling to navigate the new normal, eSports continues to gain fans and a stronger presence in the sporting industry. Today’s most popular sports icons are not limited to the football field or the basketball court. Now, the headset and game controller are the sporting equipment of choice.

This new partnership between BWW and League of Legends Championship Series shows that companies are looking to capture the eSports market. While beverages companies and other organizations have laid the foundation, it makes sense that a restaurant would want to invite fans to watch those live-stream events from the bar or restaurant table.

According to statistics, “League of Legends Championship Series is the third most popular major professional league in the U.S. amount 18-34 year-olds.” Considering that this demographic wants to go out and socialize while watching the events, restaurants want to make that option possible. From playing the livestream to offering special deals, bringing those fans into the restaurant is good for business.

This BWW partnership officially kids off with the first event on Friday, August 14 ta 4 p.m. EST. The LCS 2020 Summer Playoffs will begin and fans will be glued to their live-streams.

While BWW did not specifically comment on future promotions, it seems likely that unique menu items and other promotions will be developed via this partnership. As seen in previous special event menu items (like the UFC limited edition sauce, baseball’s return to the diamond and others), those special items make fans feel valued and draws them into the restaurant.

If you are looking to watch your favorite League of Legends players in the championship, head to your local Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. There will be a table or a barstool with prime viewing space waiting for you. And, if you aren’t familiar with this eSports Championship, it might be time to embrace the next big sports trend.


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What do you think of this BWW partnership? Do you think that other brands will join the eSports space?

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