Get Cracking: Unusual lobster facts that you didn’t know about Maine Lobster

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If you’re enjoying Maine Lobster on National Lobster Day, impress friends with these unusual lobster facts.

On September 25, Maine Lobster takes center stage during the National Lobster Day celebration. While many people might head to the local Red Lobster, others might have some delicious lobster flown in directly from Maine. No matter how you enjoy lobster on this food holiday, impress your friends with these unusual lobster facts.

While lobster has been enjoyed for centuries, National Lobster Day on September 25 has been a newer holiday. This lobster celebration hits during the height of lobster season. Still, there are many other unusual lobster facts that need to be cracked open.

Unusual lobster facts about Maine Lobster

Lobsters can have two different types of shells, old shells and new shells. During lobster season, the lobsters have new shells. The softer shells are easier to crack and the lobster meat tends to be sweeter. Hard shelled lobster tend to be more briny and have more densely packed meat.

Lobsters are right-y or left-y. The dominate claw tends to be bigger than the other one. That claw can exert up to 100 pounds per inch.

Maine Lobster is considered a sustainable industry. The state regulates the industry and has strict guidelines for Maine Lobstermen. For over 150 years, the industry has put sustainable practices and traceablity as a priority.

Lobster is a great lean protein source. It is rich in vitamin B12 and various essential minerals.

While many people serve lobster with butter, other foods pair equally as well. From avocados and curries to sushi and mac and cheese, the delicious lobster pairs well with many foods.

Have you ever steamed lobster in beer? Instead of just boiling a lobster, consider steaming it in a crisp pilsner or lager.

Don’t let National Lobster Day pass without having a bite of that sweet, succulent lobster. Just remember to put on your lobster bib before you crack one open.

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What is your favorite way to enjoy lobster?