America’s favorite guacamole could be your homegating essential

Marriott Cancun Resort guacamoles for National Guacamole Day, photo provided by Marriott Cancun Resort
Marriott Cancun Resort guacamoles for National Guacamole Day, photo provided by Marriott Cancun Resort /

Upgrade your homegating with America’s favorite guacamole.

When it comes to homegating, food takes center stage and America’s favorite guacamole will score a huge win. While you have your official chips and dip from Tostitos on the table, the guacamole needs another food to deliver big flavors. Are you ready for this popular guacamole recipe?

According to Avocados from Mexico, over 2 billion pounds of their avocados are consumed every year. While the avocado toast trend is still going strong and avocados do go on almost everything, the classic guacamole still reigns supreme. During football games, guacamole is one of the top game day snacks.

In a recent survey by Avocados from Mexico, America voted one recipe its favorite guacamole. While everyone tends to have a secret ingredient, hack or trick, this recipe was the hands down favorite. Are you ready for bacon chipotle guacamole?

Bacon chipotle guacamole beat out other recipes, like authentic guacamole, southwestern guacamole and even French Onion guacamole. The well-known phrase, everything is better with bacon seems to apply to guacamole, too.

Based on the recipe on the Avocados from Mexico website, the guacamole gets a boost of flavor from the chopped chipotle peppers and crumbled bacon. Also, the use of cumin in the recipe adds to the depth of flavor. Overall, this guacamole earned its spot as America’s favorite guacamole.

Thinking about this recipe, it could be a nice idea to serve it with some chicarrones instead of traditional tortilla chips. The pork on pork combination could make a lot of people really happy. Sometimes the pork rinds can offer a different crunch than a tortilla chip. It is definitely worth a try.

Also, if you like extra bacon, save a little extra crumbled bacon and cover the top of the guacamole with it. Just be careful of the amount of bacon in the guacamole itself. The ratios do need to be balanced. It is a guacamole dish, not a bacon dish.

If you are looking to expand your guacamole recipes, Avocados from Mexico has over 200 recipes on its website. Given that avocados are often on the grocery shopping list, this site is a great resource to mix up something new.

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What is your favorite guacamole recipe?