Delicious pancake recipes that any home cook should know

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Home cooks can master these delicious pancake recipes.

From silver dollar to fluffy, these delicious pancake recipes might change how the home cook looks at the iconic breakfast food. It is more than just another flapjack on the plate. These pancake trends are taking over the kitchen. Which pancake recipe will you make first?

Sometimes a classic recipe can have a few tweaks which makes it exciting and new. Although food trends tend to have an ebb and flow, these pancake trends will make your next breakfast, brunch or even dinner even tastier.

For Chris Scott, chef at the Institute of Culinary Education, he believes “pancakes specifically are one of my favorites, It’s all ( or can be) carbs and sugar, and will give you the energy you need to get through the day.”

Are you ready to flip some delicious pancake recipes?


While Sugar Factory offers its rainbow-colored pancake stack, this menu item can be recreated at home. By separating the batter and coloring it, that rainbow pancake stack is easy.

If you choose to match flavors with colors, that it up to you. Whether topped with whipped cream, syrup or even fruit, these pancakes are a feast for the eyes.


Since cinnamon buns are often a breakfast staple, why not let cinnamon buns inspire some delicious pancake recipes. Start with a traditional pancake recipe and then add a swirl of cinnamon sugar to the top before it is flipped. The pancake can be topped with a little powdered sugar, a cream cheese type frosting or just traditional maple sugar.


Souffle pancakes are picture perfect. The super fluffy Japanese pancakes seem to be almost like floating clouds. Some people fill them with ice cream or pandan custard. One bite of these super fluffy pancakes and you will want to master this pancake recipe.


Pancakes and bananas are often a classic combination. For Chef Kimberly Brock Brown, bananas are the perfect ingredient. She said, “I always keep bananas peeled in my freezer when they have gone past my liking in ripeness, so making Banana Pancakes is a feel good/eat good way to start the day. “

The banana can be incorporated into the batter, used as a topping or can be pureed into the mix to create a vegan pancake. Don’t worry about the little minions complaining about fruit in the pancakes. Remember minions love bananas.

Dutch Baby

If you haven’t made a Dutch Baby, you are in for a treat. The skillet baked pancakes are a celebration of textures. The edges are crisp, and the middle is super fluffy. A Dutch Baby is perfect for exploring savory flavors in a pancake. From bacon to even some herbs, mastering a Dutch Baby recipe could expand your flavor horizons.

Stuffed Pancakes

While IHOP and Denny’s might have stuffed pancakes on the menu, Chinese jianging is the newest pancake food trend. With a quick search, these stuffed pancakes are much more than just an ooey, gooey sweet center. From fermented bean paste to vegetables, stuffed pancakes will definitely get a huge reaction when placed on the table.

Whether you try these delicious pancake recipes or make your grandma’s favorite recipe, the humble pancake is always a tasty treat. Who’s ready to get flipping?

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What is your favorite pancake recipe? More importantly, what do you put on top of your pancakes?