Kahlua Blonde Roast Style makes for refreshing coffee cocktails

Kahlua Blonde Roast Style, photo provided by Kahlua
Kahlua Blonde Roast Style, photo provided by Kahlua /

Upgrade your coffee cocktails with the new Kahlua Blonde Roast Style.

The new Kahlua Blonde Roast Style brings another flavor profile to the iconic Kahlua brand. This lighter version of the classic coffee liqueur brings a new flavor profile to coffee cocktails. It is time to shake up a new refreshing sip.

For many people, Kahlua is one of the best coffee liqueurs in the world. While many people appreciate the Mexican coffee libation on its own, it is often used in a variety of cocktails. From the infamous White Russian to a simple Kahlua and coffee, the uses for this liqueur are many.

Over the years, the brand has expanded its line. From seasonal offerings, like pumpkin spice, to the newer canned cocktail options, the brand is always looking to evolve and embrace food trends.

The newest addition to the Kahlua line is the Kahlua Blonde Roast Style. While Starbucks drinkers might be familiar with the term blonde roast, this coffee flavor in this beverage is lighter. This version was created for drinker who prefers a more subtle coffee flavor in her cocktails.

While the coffee flavor is clear, a hint of citrus makes this Kahlua quite compelling. It isn’t overpowering, but the touch of brightness balances the medium coffee notes. With hints of caramel and toffee, the liqueur stands up on its own.

Kahlua Blonde Roast , coffee cocktails
Kahlua Blonde Roast Style, photo provided by Kahlua /

Although at home bartenders will think of many ways to enjoy this new Kahlua beverage, the brand recommends enjoying it rather simply. In its recommended coffee cocktails, the ingredients are minimal. Actually, it is just the Kahlua and a mixer.

From the Blonde Tonic (2 parts Kahlua Blonde Roast Style to 5 parts tonic water) to a Coco Blonde, (2 parts Kahlua Blonde Roast Style to 5 parts coconut water), these cocktails are about letting the Kahlua shine. In some ways, just serving this liqueur over ice is a great choice, too.

The Kahlua Blonde Roast Style is available in stores now.

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What coffee cocktails do you think would be perfect for this new Kahlua liqueur?