Which exceptional vodkas are the best fit for your personality?

. (Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Belvedere Vodka)
. (Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Belvedere Vodka) /

Have you sipped these exceptional vodkas?

Not sure what vodka to stock behind your home bar? These exceptional vodkas are sure to impress even the most discerning tastes.

While all vodkas might look similar on first glance, that clear spirit is very different. From distilling methods to ingredients, the approach to making the vodka impacts the flavor.

At the same time, some people are drawn to a particular brand because of its name, appearance or even use. While there are many reasons why one person likes one vodka over another, it really does come down to personal preference.

Here are some exceptional vodkas to stock behind your home bar.

Quality over quantity

Belvedere Vodka has taken the approach of focusing on quality over quantity. The idea is that a superb vodka is meant to be sipped, savored and appreciated. The rye vodka is stepped in tradition and that flavor comes through in each bottle.

While Martha Stewart uses Belvedere in her martini, this vodka is equally enjoyable in a cocktail. Building on the quality over quantity idea, Belvedere has been focusing on super food cocktails. by bring in bolder flavors, many people can learn to appreciate the complexity.

Best dirty martini

For Kate Hudson, she loves a great dirty martini and her vodka, King St. Vodka is perfect in this cocktail. When Hudson launched this vodka, she said, ““I have always found the spirits industry fascinating, and I love Dirty Vodka Martinis. The creative side of me thought it would be a fun challenge to develop a vodka for my palate, and in a beautiful package that I would love to have on my bar and share with friends.”

King St. Is crafted with alkaline water, is 7 times distilled for purity is gluten-free and is non-GMO.

Here’s how to make Hudon’s Dirty Martini.

Kate’s Dirty Vodka Martini

  • 3 oz of King St. Vodka
  • 1 oz Olive brine
  • Dash of dry vermouth
  • Garnish with olives

Innovative vodka

While the bottle makes a statement, Crystal Head vodka impresses with its flavor as well. The new Crystal Head Onyx is a new twist on the iconic vodka. The new version calls on the creative spirit with inspiration from the warrior crystal.

While the bottle is visually impressive, the vodka inside is even better than its packaging. Stemming from Blue Weber agave in Mexico, the vodka is quite nuanced. With hints of citrus and note of white pepper, the taste is a balance of spice and sweet.

Crystal Head’s founder Dan Akroyd said, “We love to push boundaries and strive to introduce consumers to cutting edge products that create excitement. With Onyx, we wanted to make an innovative liquid, an agave-based vodka, with an equally imaginative bottle to match. Onyx is unlike anything you have tasted before – it drinks like vodka but has the nuances of Blue Weber agave.”

While there are many, many vodkas on the market. These exceptional vodkas should always be on hand. Whether enjoyed simply or in a cocktail, toast to the good life with these libations.

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