Tic Tac, the refreshing mint, brings refreshing moments to every day

Tic Tac Refreshing Moments, photo provided by Tic Tac
Tic Tac Refreshing Moments, photo provided by Tic Tac /

Tic Tac refreshing moments can come together in many ways.

As people look for moments to bring happiness, joy or just a break, Tic Tac refreshing moments are a new way to unwrap the little treat that is more than just the original refreshing mint. Can you think of a 100 or more ways to bring a little refreshment into your life?

When many people think of a Tic Tac, a few things come to mind. If could be the container, it could be the shaking sound or it could be that burst of refreshment from enjoying it.

Over the years, the brand has evolved but a few things stayed the same. New flavors like Big Berry Adventure, collaborations with brands like Coca-Cola and even connections to pop culture icons like Steve Aoki keep the iconic Ferrero company fresh.

At the same time, the brand has never lost its identity. Every time you pop open a container, you know what to expect. That flavor delivers time and again.

One of the reasons why the flavor never fades is because each mint is wrapped in 100 layers of flavor. Although it seems impossible that the little mint has 100 layers packed into that refreshment, it is true. It is one of the reasons why the flavor delivers each and every time.

Blending the familiar and the new, Tic Tac Refreshing Moments encourages people to enjoy those little moments that might be overlooked. Whether it is dance break, a moment of zen or just a moment embrace whatever life brings you, those little refreshing moments help to keep people connected.

For Felipe Riera Michelotti, VP Marketing, Tic Tac North America at Ferrero USA, Inc., he expressed how the brand is relating to what many people are feeling. He said, “As a brand, Tic Tac understands what people are feeling right now. We believe everyone can relate to the external pressures that prevent us from doing the things we love and better connecting with those around us.”

At the same time, Michelotti believes that Tic Tac can offer that little moment of enjoyment. He said, “Whether it’s taking the time to finish that project you started weeks ago or even just to have a meaningful conversation with your roommate or family member after a full day of meetings or remote learning, we hope to encourage people to take a break from the daily grind, enjoy a Tic Tac mint and experience the refreshing moments that ensue.”

Tic Tac Refreshing Moments campaign celebrates all those moments. The campaign shows how the 100 layers of flavor can help anyone take a moment to enjoy the pause, make the connection or just appreciate the moment. Within those few moments, anyone and everyone can find the confidence, creativity and connection that will keep going.

With so many flavors in the Tic Tac portfolio, any and every personality can find that perfect refreshment. From a little spontaneity in a fruity flavor to the bold confidence from the Frosty Mint to even just a little musical interlude from just shaking the container, that moment, individuality and even creativity make everyday life just a little more special.

The next time you see a Tic Tac Refreshing Moments ad be inspired to take your own moment. While there are 100 layers of flavor, there are more than 100 reasons to celebrate the little moments in the day.

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What was your refreshing moment today?