Beyond Meat Sausage Links give a plant-based food upgrade to breakfast

Beyond Meat Sausage Links, photo provided by Beyond Meat
Beyond Meat Sausage Links, photo provided by Beyond Meat /

Upgrade your favorite breakfast food with Beyond Meat Sausage Links.

Continuing its innovative food path, the new Beyond Meat Sausage Links are a tasty, plant-based food choice for breakfast. Following the introduction of Beyond Meat Sausage Patties, these sausage links bring the sizzle to the breakfast table.

As people embrace a flexitarian lifestyle or just prefer the plant-based food option, Beyond Meat continues to deliver new and innovative products. Whether it is the addition of pork-like foods, grilling packages, meatballs or just creative recipes, consumers are drawn to the company’s willingness to adapt at every turn. Now, Beyond Meat isn’t just one item in the refrigerator, it is on every shelf.

With the newest Beyond Meat offering, Beyond Meat Sausage Links, the company looks to capture a growing food trend beyond the plant-based food market. Breakfast has become the family meal. With more people working and schooling remotely, breakfast food and the breakfast meal has become more than just a quick bite out the door.

Stuart Kronauge, Chief Marketing Officer, Beyond Meat. “With the launch of Beyond Breakfast Sausage Links, we’re thrilled to introduce another better-for-you plant-based meat option to satisfy consumers’ love of classic breakfast dishes. We think our fans will be excited that they can make restaurant-style breakfast an at-home staple with our new links.”

Beyond Meat Sausage Links in a breakfast burrito
Beyond Meat Sausage Links, photo provided by Beyond Meat /

Thinking about the Beyond Breakfast Sausage Links, consumers have various ways to use this plant-based food. From the classic breakfast burrito to a side with pancakes, the options are many.

The key to this product is that the cooking still produces that classic sausage sizzle. A good, hot skillet can create that slight crunch texture that makes a breakfast sausage so satisfying.

Additionally, this Beyond Meat could capture another market beyond the plant-based food segment. These Beyond Breakfast Sausage Links have “40% less sodium than a traditional pork sausage.” For some people, that lower sodium content will entice them to try the product. Sometimes healthy eating choices can cause consumers to make a change.

The Beyond Breakfast Sausage Links join four other new product launches from 2020. Most recently, the Beyond Meatballs are set to be a big hit going into the colder months. As people crave comfort food, this plant-based food option should see a spike in interest.

The new sausage links will be available at grocery stores nationwide. Available in the meat case, a package of eight links has a suggested retail price of $5.99. Check with your local retailers for availability.

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Is your breakfast plate ready for a plant-based upgrade? Beyond Meat is ready to deliver.