Tamara Brown embraces the Halloween Baking Championship challenge

Halloween Baking Championship contestants, photo provided by Food Network
Halloween Baking Championship contestants, photo provided by Food Network /

On this Halloween Baking Championship season, Tamara Brown is ready to bake.

For Tamara Brown, this Halloween Baking Championship season is a big opportunity. While she had appeared on a previous Food Network season, the current season is very different from the previous challenges. Still, one important element remains the same on all Food Network competitions, the contestants need to deliver impeccable food.

Recently, Foodsided had the opportunity to speak with Tamara about her Halloween Baking Championship experience, her favorite fall flavors and which of the judges’ Halloween costumes were her favorite.

Since Tamara had competed on Food Network before, she was ready for the opportunity. Regarding her reason for returning, Tamara said, “I wanted to return to HBC to redeem myself and claim the title as Halloween Baking Champion. I have grown a lot as a baker since season 2. I’ve learned new recipes. I’ve learned more decorating techniques and I can’t wait to show America what I can do! “

Throughout the first few challenges, Tamara was able to deliver. She was able to find the balance between creative decorating and smart flavor choices. At the same time, this new season presented some challenges.

While this Halloween Baking Championship season’s format might have divided some fans, the single challenge format is a big change for the bakers. Although the pre-heat did provide the bakers with an advantage, there was more than one bake to determine their fate. In this season, the single challenge format can be a little daunting.

For Tamara, she felt that the new format is harder for the bakers. She said, “I think this new format is way harder. In prior seasons there was a pre-heat. That preheat gave someone an advantage but also served as a warm up bake before an elimination period. When you’re competing it’s stressful, you’re under the clock and in a new kitchen with appliances you have never used before. The preheat gave an opportunity for your nerves to calm down, a chance to acclimate yourself with the kitchen and a chance to earn an advantage! “

While the visual aspect can bring big reactions from the judges, the flavors must deliver. For Halloween Baking Championship, fall flavors are key to all the bakers’ successful desserts. Tamara’s favorite fall flavor is cinnamon. She said, “It’s fabulous to incorporate in pies, cookies, cake, frostings, donuts… basically it works for any fall dessert.”

Even though she loves that warm, spicy cinnamon flavor, Tamara has a calm demeanor in the kitchen. She even mentioned that everyone thinks that she is “super laid back” in the kitchen.

Although that persona might be true, she has some preferences in her baking. For example, Mwokaji Cakery, her bakery, focuses on buttercream creations. While some bakers prefer fondant decorations, Tamara takes a different approach.


Tamara said, “I definitely prefer to decorate with buttercream frosting. Mainly because I want to eat every bit of my cakes when I have one and in my opinion buttercream tastes better than fondant. Buttercream doesn’t give you quite the design range fondant does, but I am still able to create.”

Although Tamara might not walk away with the Halloween Baking Championship title, the experience was a good one. She survived a few rooms in the haunted house and she was able to show fans her growth as a baker.

Only one question remains unanswered. What was her favorite costume from the judges? Tamara picked Zac Young as a character from Cats.

Halloween Baking Championship Season 6 airs on Food Network, Mondays at 9 p.m.

Tamara Brown is the owner/operator of Mwokaji Cakery in Los Angeles, California.

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