Sour Patch Kids bring some extra mischief to Halloween 2020

Sour Patch Kids Halloween promo, photo provided by Sour Patch Kids
Sour Patch Kids Halloween promo, photo provided by Sour Patch Kids /

Halloween 2020 is saved thanks to Sour Patch Kids.

Just because Halloween 2020 looks different, doesn’t mean that the Sour Patch Kids aren’t celebrating the spooky season. This year, those sweet and sour candies are putting a little twist on the annual tradition. Ready for some candy delivery?

That’s right, those Kids will be delivering some of their signature treats to 12 cities across the U.S. The contactless less delivery will include a variety of candy.

Since it is Halloween, the Sour Patch Kids Zombies will be part of the fun. While you do not have to know the rules of Zombieland to enjoy these candies, you will want to be in the front of the line to get an extra treat.

Of course, the Kids do like to bring a little mischief to the celebration. In addition to that tasty candy, there will be Sour Patch Kids toilet paper. Who hasn’t done thought about decorating some yards on Halloween?

While you could use the special toilet paper to decorate the house (or the neighbor who didn’t let you borrow any toilet paper a few months ago), it might be more fun to keep the toilet paper for your guest bathroom. Just think of the reaction from friends when you see that you have this special themed toilet paper. It could bring you candy bragging rights.

Sour Patch Kids Halloween event
Sour Patch Kids Halloween promo, photo provided by Sour Patch Kids /

If you think that you are the ultimate candy fan, you can petition for the Kids to come visit your city. Simple suggest your city on the Sour Patch Kids Instagram account. Make sure that you have a convincing story. Those Kids want more than just a nice request. Be a little creative with that begging.

Lastly, one city will be the envy of everyone. A special Sour Patch Kids Jack O’ Lantern Mobile will make a special delivery. If that vehicle sounds interesting, just wait till you see it in real life. The one-of-a-kind pumpkin carriage is not like that princess fairy tale version. Would anyone expect anything less from these curious Kids?

For the lucky city who gets the Jack O’ Lantern Mobile, lots of people will get special candy deliveries from the Kids. Of course, all safety measures will be followed. Who needs trick or treating when you can have this special candy delivery?

Even if your city isn’t lucky enough to get one of the special deliveries, you can add a little mischief your Halloween 2020. Whether you buy some extra Sour Patch Kids candy or make that special Rice Krispy Treat recipe, a little sweet and sour to the event is always a good idea.

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How are you celebrating Halloween 2020?