Brian Bosch goes from beginning baker to Halloween Baking Championship

Halloween Baking Championship contestants, photo provided by Food Network
Halloween Baking Championship contestants, photo provided by Food Network /

On this Halloween Baking Championship season, Brian Bosch got the ultimate baking lesson.

Halloween Baking Championship is a daunting Food Network baking competition, but Brian Bosch was up to the challenge. While many bakers have years and years of experience, the novice baker was ready to jump into the kitchen. Luckily, he was up to the challenge.

From the first Halloween Baking Championship episode, Brian made an impression. Winning the daggar challenge, earned him advantage. That extra time in the second round helped put him in the top two bakers.

At the same time, he understood that this Food Network competition was going to be a challenge. As a home baker, he embraced the opportunity yet understood the tough road ahead. What people do not necessarily realize is his experience level.

Brian said, “I have only been baking for about a year and a half. I, like so many others, love watching a good baking competition show. I decided that baking and decorating would be a fun new creative outlet to try, so I created my instagram page BrianBakesCakes to track my progress and hopefully learn some new tips and techniques along the way.”

As for his reasoning why he wanted to be part of Halloween Baking Championship, Brian said, “When the amazing opportunity to compete on Halloween Baking Championship came up, I couldn’t believe it. How could a beginner like me make it on a show with such amazingly talented trained chefs?! I knew I was going to be in over my head, but that’s exactly why I did it. I am not one to shy away from a challenge. I wanted to be able to show people watching at home (and also myself) that baking is for anyone! With some practice and passion, anything is possible! And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to be able to say that they have been on Food Network?!”

For the up and coming baker, Halloween Baking Championship was a great learning experience. With all the amazing talent on the show, it was like a master baking class.

Speaking about the unbelievably talented bakers, Brian said, “They brought such passion and knowledge to the competition, it was hard not to just sit back and watch them at work each week! They were all so supportive and made me want to learn and grow more as a baker, and really push myself to be better!”

While Brian might not have the same years of experience as some of the other bakers, he does understand design. With a degree in architecture, Brian feels that his knowledge helps him “to think outside of the traditional baking box and be a better cake designer.” Just like the bakers needs to think about structure, he uses his “knowledge of building construction and material design” and applies it to baking.

Brian said, “Cake designers and artists take fairly common materials found in almost any kitchen, and transform them into works of art. It allows anyone to be able to access their inner creativity and strive to achieve their own designs. Butter, flour and sugar can now be artistic tools for anyone wanting to create their own edible art.”

Throughout Halloween Baking Championship, Brian featured cakes and flavors based on some cocktails. Although the phrase wasn’t used on the show, he often refers to himself as a cake mixologist.

Brian said, “I like to think of it as the place where a passion for baking and a love of cocktails meet! I have always loved to entertain, and with that, make sure my guests are well fed and always have a beverage in hand. When I began to bake, my first go-to for techniques and inspiration was social media. I didn’t really see anyone or anything out there with that type of “brand” so I decided to take it on. I wanted to see if I could combine my love of unique cocktail flavors and out of the box designs into one, and hence the idea of the “cake mixologist” was born.”

Which begs the question, should your cake and your cocktail pair well? According to Brian, it is all about personal preferences.

Brian said, “I am a firm believer that you should drink what you love! Your evening’s cocktail doesn’t necessarily have to be the same flavor profile as your dessert. It’s fun to mix and match until you find something you love. That being said, I am about to launch a series of tutorials that help people pair a cocktail and cupcake/cake together for those that want to learn how to become cake mixologists! ”

Since Halloween Baking Championship focuses on fall flavors, Brian was willing to reveal her favorite fall flavor. For him, he said, “I am a huge fan of caramel. I love to pair it with tart apples and of course a “splash” of bourbon. Whether in a baked good, or a cocktail. To me that just screams fall.”

Lastly, Halloween Baking Championship is more than just impressive desserts. The judges’ costumes and the fun of the celebration is part of the reason why Food Network fans love the show.

Brian said that he loves Halloween. For him, “I just love Halloween! It’s another outlet for me to be able to express my creativity and a great excuse to be able to play with costumes and unique makeup. I typically spend all of October designing and sewing my costume. I am particularly drawn to the Disney villains, but usually with a gender-bending twist. The Judges on Halloween Baking Championship take that costume experience to a whole new level! Judge Stephanie has really made her debut with some of the best costumes. Episodes 4’s look – the Golden Eagle is one of my hands down favorites.”

No matter the final outcome for Brian Bosch on Halloween Baking Championship, the experience was a memorable one.

Halloween Baking Championship airs on Food Network, Monday nights at 9 p.m. EST.

For more information on Brian Bosch visit his Instagram accounts, BrianBakesCakes and BrianMixesDrinks.

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