Could your Top Ramen recipe make you Chief Noodle Officer?

A bowl of vegan ramen at Bubble Noodle in Mesa.Bubble Noodle Ramen
A bowl of vegan ramen at Bubble Noodle in Mesa.Bubble Noodle Ramen /

While everyone knows the Top Ramen recipe, what makes your version the best?

What makes one Top Ramen recipe more tasty than another? Although Top Ramen might be a pantry staple in many households, not all bowls of ramen are the same. Could your recipe make you the Top Ramen Chief Noodle Officer?

Did you know that Top Ramen is celebrating its 50th anniversary? For many people, that package of Top Ramen has been part of their food memories. From the late college nights to the comforting bowl that makes you just feel better, the Top Ramen instant ramen has been a food staple.

To celebrate Top Ramen’s 50th anniversary, the brand is asking everyone, how do you Top Ramen? The winning ramen dish will earn one lucky person the title (and prize) of Chief Noodle Officer.

Judged by Top Chef winner Melissa King, that ramen needs to impress. While the celebrity chef has proved her creativity in the kitchen, ramen fans who want to earn this title will need to think both in and outside of the bowl.

Top Ramen Recipe
How do you Top Ramen, photo provided by Top Ramen /

Thinking about ramen, one of the reasons why people like this dish is because it can be served in so many ways. Although many people just fix the ramen as it comes from the package, the toppings for the ramen add to the flavor. Sure, that classic chicken Top Ramen is tasty, but a few additions and tweaks can make that bowl even tastier.

Truthfully, the pantry holds a plethora of options. From a little sriracha (or a hot sauce of your liking) to even some crushed fried pickles and ranch potato chips, the idea is to have a little fun with your ramen toppings. Food should never be boring.

If you are looking for a more traditional approach to ramen toppings, many people like an egg or piece of pork. The pork (or pork belly) adds a robust flavor to the ramen. If you don’t have pork belly at home, some crumbled bacon pieces work well.

Another traditional ingredient is togarashi. The Japanese spice blend combines a punch of heat and a subtle brightness. With dried pepper flakes and orange peel, it is like a yin and yang flavor.

Also, ramen is a great way to boost your vegetable intake. From some bok choy to bean sprouts, the options are many. Sometimes being a little sneaky with extra vegetables is a good thing.

Basically, a Top Ramen recipe can change every time. That bowl offers much food creativity. From simple one day to over the top the next, how you do Top Ramen can change with your mood. While your recipe may or many not earn you the title of Chief Noodle Officer, you will have a tasty experience vying for the title.

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What are your favorite ramen toppings?