BABE Wine and Bach Nation prepare for Bachelorlette Bingo

Ahead of tonight’s Bachelorlette premiere, BABE Wine is ready to play Bachelorlette Bingo.

What can make tonight’s Bachelorlette premiere more fun, Bachelorlette Bingo with BABE Wine. While no one can really know what to expect on tonight’s premiere, there will be some wine involved. Grab a space on the couch, pour yourself a glass of BABE and prepare to say BINGO!

The Bachelorlette Bingo game was developed with Laurent Zima, creator of #RosesAndRosé. Anyone who has watched a Bachelorlette (or Bachelor) premiere knows that a few moments tend to happen. From the unlikely exits from the limo who will get a rose, there are many moments that everyone will be talking about after the credits roll.

Zima said, “Naturally, I was thrilled to partner with a rosé brand like BABE Wine. This season, there will be A LOT to sip and spill on #RosesAndRosé, and I can’t wait for the premiere to kick-off with my BABE Wine and BABE Bingo board in hand. Cheers!”

While any drinking game should be done with care, this bingo card could be a fun night in with your friends. Even if you aren’t on the same couch, everyone can play together. In some ways, it is not your grandma’s bingo card.

Looking at the bingo card, many of those phrases will be said in tonight’s premiere. Maybe there should have been a wild card square for something totally off the wall, something that has never happened. While people have seen the bubble guy, there will have to be something even more outrageous.

Although there are not specific rules to this bingo game, it might be a good idea to come up with a plan. Personally, taking a sip of BABE Wine when a square is filled is my choice. Others might wait to award the winner a glass of wine.

Truthfully, the best part of playing Bachelorlette Bingo is the offer from BABE. If a BABE Bingo happens during the premiere, everyone will get 25% off BABE Wine via the brand’s website. Use the code BINGO at check out. The discount offer is available on wine and swag.


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Are you ready to say BINGO? Who knows what the new season of the Bachelorlette will bring.