Will the Natural Flight quench your thirst for travel?

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While you might be California dreaming, the Natural Flight can quench that thirst for travel.

Have you heard of the Natural Flight? Although your epic summer vacation might have been grounded, a new travel option might be on the horizon. Finally, that desire to travel and that sense of wanderlust can be quenched thanks to Natural Light.

Over the past several months, Natural Light has tried to bring a sense of normal to people. Whether it was recreating a dorm room in the backyard or bringing Natty Daddy to your summer barbecue, Natty Light is always looking to embrace that adventurous spirit.

As everyone learns to navigate different parts of life, travel has a level of uncertainity. Although the uber wealthy seem to be able to jump on jet and travel to the picturesque locales, not everyone has that bank roll. For the normal person, that trip seems out of reach.

Natural Light has come up with a solution, the Natural Flight. Don’t worry if your passport has expired or you don’t have travel sized toiletries in the house. This travel experience goes no where, really.

Daniel Blake, Vice President of US Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch said, “Whether it’s concerts or life on campus, cancellations have become an unfortunate new normal for our fans these past six months. When airlines began selling flights to nowhere, we knew it was our chance to create another unique experience for the Natty community.

In true Natural Light fashion this private jet experience is just what fans would expect from the beer brand. According to Blake, “we’re offering the chance for the ultimate change of scenery to our fans, who now more than ever, deserve some excitement back in their lives.”

This giveaway provides one winner and three friends who are 21 and over an opportunity to fly in a Nattified private jet to no where. Basically, it is like having a little party in a plane. From Natural Light beer to comfort food to TVs, it has it all. But, you will have to remember to store your tray tables for takeoff and landing.

Just to be clear, the Natural Flight really goes no where. Unless you count the vertical climb to get the plane off the ground. While you can look out the window, you will begin and end in the same place.

If you want a chance to win this Natural Flight experience, tell Natural Light on socials why you deserve this Natty Flight to No Where. The contest is open until October 20.

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