Does a more balanced lifestyle extend beyond Sober October?

Heineken, photo provided by Heineken
Heineken, photo provided by Heineken /

Sober October might be just a glimpse of a more balanced lifestyle trend.

For some people, Sober October is more than just a challenge to skip the beer, cocktails or other libations. While many people kicked off the year with Dry January, the conscious decision to step away from the alcohol can represent more than just a month of willpower. Is a balanced lifestyle a long-lasting food trend?

Like the chaotic year, food trends can be hard to predict. While plant-based food has fueled a balanced lifestyle, other aspects of better for you choices might not be such an easy transition. Like that big bowl of candy at Halloween, it can be harder to employ that will power in certain situations.

It has long been said that it takes time to form a habit. Although people debate on the exact duration that it takes to make a lifestyle choice stick, a sense of structure can help keep a new choice in check. That sense of accountability seems to be an incentive to stick with the program.

The idea of a Sober October or a Dry January works because people see a finite duration. What they may not realize is that month of alternative choices that can last much longer than those 31 days.

Recently, Heineken 0.0 conducted a survey focusing on drinking and wellness habits since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the survey focuses on participants ages 21-39, there are certain findings that could have broader implications. It is more than just replacing that IPA with a Heineken 0.0.

According to the survey, 61% of the respondents have turned to alcohol free beer during COVID-19. The desire to cut down their alcohol intake fueled the trend.

Looking back at the past year, virtual happy hours were hugely popular. The same can be said of that nightly glass of wine, bottle of beer or cocktail. Without having to leave the house for work or school, people were more likely to indulge. Unfortunately, that availability lead to some people overindulging.

At the same time, there are times when people want that particular flavor. There is nothing better than an ice-cold beer with tacos, pizza or your other favorite food. Luckily, non-alcoholic beer has become quite tasty. If you haven’t popped open a Heineken 0.0, it might be the time to try it. The non-alcoholic beer was carefully crafted to have that classic lager flavor just with the alcohol removed.

While the Sober October idea has many people joining, overall the lifestyle beverage category has grown. With more people looking to have a balanced lifestyle, the beverages need to fit within those choices. From having the energy to exercise to making healthy food choices, life is about moderation, not about feelings of guilt.

As everyone heads into an uncertain future, the balanced lifestyle will continue to expand. When many things seem out of control, deciding what you will and will not consume is within everyone’s grasp. It doesn’t mean that the refrigerator is stocked just with non-alcoholic beer. It is about having the options available to make the choice that is right for you at the moment.

For anyone, a balanced lifestyle is more than just a Sober October. But, if that month of change helped to make better choices, it might have been the right path to take.

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Have you joined the sober curious movement? What does a balanced lifestyle mean for you?