Burger King poses a scary dare with a free Whopper reward

Burger King free Whopper Halloween Promo, photo provided by Burger King
Burger King free Whopper Halloween Promo, photo provided by Burger King /

Burger King has a free Whopper for you, but are you brave enough to earn it.

What would you do for a free Whopper? Burger King is willing to bet that many people are ready to show their bravery this Halloween for some free food. How brave are you?

Do you know the rules of a horror movie? While they aren’t the same as the rules to Zombieland, there are certain horror movie scenarios that are well known. Those scary places lure the characters past the threshold. While everyone knows that they shouldn’t open the door, enter the room or even answer the phone, but characters do. Maybe they think that the scary location isn’t really that scary.

This year, Burger King is daring fans to visit some of scary places across the U.S. It isn’t the most elaborate haunted house, haunted hotel or even that eerie graveyard. Burger King believes that the scariest places are abandoned burger chain restaurant locations.

That’s right, these restaurant locations are scary for real Burger King fans. Those abandoned restaurants are more than just empty shells of their former existence. Those former restaurants never offered the flamed-grilled taste of a Whopper.

Free Whopper promo for Halloween at Burger King
Burger King Halloween Promo dares people to earn a free Whopper, photo provided by Burger King /

Ellies Doty, Chief Marketing Officer, Burger King North America, said “To us, nothing is scarier than a place that never flame-grilled, While Halloween looks a bit different this year, we’re embracing it in a way that keeps guests’ safety top of mind in current times. A good scare and a delicious reward of a flame-grilled Whopper.”

Granted this free Whopper promotion is met to be a little humorous. No one is saying that the new horror movie rule has to do with burger choices or abandoned restaurants. But, given that Halloween 2020 is not normal, a closed restaurant could be a scary place. Who remembers playing Five Nights at Freddy’s?

If you dare to take this scary Halloween challenge, Burger King will share the special locations online at www.bk.com/scaryplaces and the BK app will share push notifications. The restaurants are said to be located in “Dayton, OH, Houston, TX, Birmingham, AL, McHenry, IL and Johnston, RI.”

Now, if you don’t live near one of these locations, don’t get mad about the free Whopper promotion not being available in your area. The BK App has a special offer for everyone. Under the Scary Places tile, there is a $5 meal offer.

Could a free Whopper be the Halloween event to save Halloween 2020? No one knows for sure, but a free food offer is never a scary thing.

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How are you celebrating Halloween this year?