Are sloth themed snacks the next snack food trend?

Sloth-tastic Granola Bars, photo provide by Quaker Oats
Sloth-tastic Granola Bars, photo provide by Quaker Oats /

Move over unicorns, sloth themed snacks could slowly take over the pantry.

Snack food trends are slowly moving towards a new choice. Sloth themed snacks might start lining the pantry and filling the lunch box. Are you feeling a little hungry?

While unicorns have inspired colorful snacks and even llamas have had their moment in the sun, it seems that the cute sloth is slowly taking its spot in the snack aisle. But, how much do you know about sloths?

Although the sloth tends to be a slow-moving animal on land, they are quite fast swimmers. More importantly, sloths are considered quite smart. Don’t let that slow-moving demeanor fool you.

If you are a sloth fan, Quaker Oats just launched a new snack, Quaker Chewy Dipps Sloth-Tastic Granola Bars. It is a must try. These granola bars are vanilla cream flavored. This granola bar is well liked by kids not just for the cute sloth on the packaging, but for the sweeter flavor. The vanilla flavor with the granola makes it feel more like treat.

Even though the sloths only eat at night, these Quaker Chewy Dipps Sloth-Tastic Granola bars are a perfect treat anytime of the day. Whether you grab one as a snack, eat them with lunch or even crumble a granola bar over yogurt for breakfast, everyone will be happy to enjoy a taste.

The Quaker Chewy Dipps Sloth-Tastic Granola bars are available at various retailers, including Target. A box has six granola bars.

While Quaker Oats has joined the sloth celebration, it begs the question, could more sloth themed foods be next? Given how big the unicorn and even llama trend has been, sloths could be the next “it” animal.

Wilton has a cute trick to make sloth pretzels. Making sloth cupcakes isn’t too hard either. For parents, the sloth might be their preferred choice. After all the rainbow and bright colors from the other animals, a more neutral palate could be good choice for that at home baking.

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What do you think will be the next animal themed snack trend? Are you part of team sloth?