Which Halloween candy do parents steal the most?

Mars Wrigley Halloween offerings, TREAT TOWN, photo provided by Mars Wrigley
Mars Wrigley Halloween offerings, TREAT TOWN, photo provided by Mars Wrigley /

Regardless of trick or treating, this Halloween candy parents will steal.

Watch out kids. Your parents might be stealing this Halloween candy, again. Even though you might have to deal with candy chutes, drive thru scares or even that moving door to get some Halloween treats, something even spookier might be at home. Parents could be stealing from that Halloween bowl.

Halloween 2020 has many unprecedented combinations. Beyond the pandemic, there’s a full moon and it’s on a Saturday. What is that old saying about threes?

Recently, DoorDash completed a Dash-oween survey. According to their findings, parents are likely to steal Snickers, Twix and M&Ms in that order. Truthfully, that list seems unusual. Reese’s or Kit Kat should have been in the top three.

While Halloween often brings a huge candy haul, the truth is that this year is different. Previously kids might not have missed a few pieces of candy gone missing. This year is different. Luckily, there is a solution.

DoorDash and Mars Wrigley have partnered to create a Parents Only candy bundle. This exclusive Halloween candy bundle is available exclusive at 16 DoorDash DashMarts.

If you aren’t family with DashMarts, it is a new type of convenience store. The store combines households essential and local restaurant favorites. In a way, it is like being able to grab a great dinner and not have to stop for the gallon of milk on the way home.

The Parents Only candy bundle can be ordered via the DoorDash app via the DashMart option. Simply choose the bundle and use the promo code PARENTS at check out. The Parents Only candy bundle will be free and delivered to the door. The offer is available at participating DashMart locations.

This year, Halloween is already chaotic enough. Don’t steal the kids candy. Just buy a few extra options for yourself.

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What is your favorite Halloween candy?