Smirnoff Zero Sugar Seltzer gets a rose from the Bachelor Nation

Smirnoff Official Hard Seltzer of Bachelor Nation, photo provided by Smirnoff
Smirnoff Official Hard Seltzer of Bachelor Nation, photo provided by Smirnoff /

Will you accept this Smirnoff Zero Sugar Seltzer variety pack?

For Bachelor Nation, there is a new beverage to sip during the show. Smirnoff Zero Sugar Seltzer, the Official Hard Seltzer of Bachelor Nation, has some new flavors. Will you accept this slim can?

To kick off this new partnership, Smirnoff Seltzer has both a new look and some new flavors. While a red rose has not been incorporated into the flavor profile, both the new flavors and the seasonal offerings will make watching all the episode drama even better.

As many people appreciate, the hard seltzer category had grown tremendously. While there are many options in the space, many people look to brands for both flavor and pop culture connections. With this partnership, Smirnoff captures both aspects.

Krista Kiisk, Brand Director, Smirnoff, said, “The Bachelor franchise and Seltzer category both generate a lot of engaging conversation, so it only made sense to continue our partnership as ‘The Official Hard Seltzer of Bachelor Nation.”

As part of the partnership, this campaign will ask fans about “stealing them for a seltzer.” With the help of Bachelor Nation alums, the campaign will focus on key moments (or steals) from the season.

More importantly, the new flavors spark even more excitement. Kiisk said, “With these new offerings, the most dramatic decision fans will make while viewing on Tuesday nights is which flavor to choose.”

Smirnoff Zero Sugar Seltzer new flavors
Smirnoff Official Hard Seltzer of Bachelor Nation, photo provided by Smirnoff /

The Smirnoff Zero Sugar variety packs comes in two options. One variety pack has new Lemon Lime, Black Cherry, Orange and fan-favorite Berry Lemonade. The fall pack, available for a limited time, features Peach, Raspberry, Blackberry and returning Cranberry Lime.

Looking at the flavor options, the Lemon Lime is widely popular flavor option. No matter the season, the flavor works. Additionally, it can be paired with a variety of food choices. From tacos to pizza, it is bright and refreshing.

Bringing back the Berry Lemonade is a great choice for Smirnoff. Even though people associate lemonade with summer, the combination of sweet and tart is always refreshing.

Looking at the fall flavors limited edition pack, it is interesting that peach is included. While not necessarily a fall flavor, it could be that sweet spot to break up all those other warm spices that are served in the fall.

The Smirnoff Zero Sugar Seltzer variety packs are available now. Each serving has 90 calories, zero sugar and one carb. The package has a suggested retail price of $15.99.

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Are you ready to steal a seltzer Bachelor Nation?