Make stress eating better with these stress relieving foods

Salmon avocado hand roll from Origami Ramen Bar in Phoenix.Origami Salmon Avocado
Salmon avocado hand roll from Origami Ramen Bar in Phoenix.Origami Salmon Avocado /

Stress eating is hitting new highs, why not stock the pantry with stress relieving foods.

Can you guess some stress relieving foods? Stress eating is part of the norm these days. From pandemic fatigue to the holidays to everything in between, people keep walking back to the pantry looking for a food that will just make them feel whole. Why not turn to some food options that can help fight that stressful feeling.

As everyone has heard millions of times, you are what you eat. Sure, we understand that better food choices can make you feel better. Fresh fruits and vegetables are better than another bowl of ice cream. Still, healthy eating is about balance.

When it comes to finding some stress relieving foods, many foodies have found that certain foods have properties that can help reduce some of that stress. Since stress eating is not going to go away, why not make some better choices.

If you’re stress eating, try some of these stress relieving foods.


Who doesn’t have a few avocados in the house? From avocado toast to guacamole to just adding some to recipes, avocados are always a good choice. The potassium in avocados helps to keep blood pressure lower.

Fatty Fish

Even if you don’t normally eat fish, some fatty fish might be a great choice for dinner. For example, salmon has omega-3s and that can help manage adrenaline.


While Sheldon on Big Bang Theory knew to offer people tea in times of stress, tea really does make a difference. Whether it is chamomile or green tea, having a cup of tea instead of coffee on a stressful morning might be a nice swap.

Dark Chocolate

Many people turn to candy and desserts during times of stress eating. If you are going to indulge, consider dark chocolate. Some studies show that dark chocolate can lower stress levels. That little burst of serotonin can make you feel better. Just remember, a little piece, not multiple bars is a better option.


Many people have learned to appreciate the healthy eating benefits of turmeric. From enjoying some in a latte to seasoning a recipe, there are many options.

One tasty recipe idea is to make turmeric roasted cauliflower. Consider making a whole roasted cauliflower as a side to any dinner.

These stress relieving foods are just a few options to try when stress eating hits. Even a few swaps here and there could make you feel a little better.

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Do you have a healthy eating trick to share? How do you use food to make you feel better?