Are you using food to help pandemic fatigue?

Fresh fruit at My Exotic Fruits at the West Palm Beach GreenMarket opening in West Palm Beach, Florida on October 3, 2020.Wpb 20201003 Green Market 06
Fresh fruit at My Exotic Fruits at the West Palm Beach GreenMarket opening in West Palm Beach, Florida on October 3, 2020.Wpb 20201003 Green Market 06 /

Pandemic fatigue has hit everyone, why not stock the pantry with these must have healthy eating foods.

Every day another story leads to greater pandemic fatigue. While everyone must stay diligent in their safety choices, these must have foods can help fight those moments where life seems just too overwhelming.

The old saying, you are what you eat rings applies even more in these difficult times. Although many people would love a serving of grandma’s chicken noodle soup, that special food delivery or family meal might be postponed a little longer.

Even if you have stopped watching the news because pandemic fatigue has hit an extreme in your household, food can provide more than just a baking distraction. After mastering the perfect sourdough starter and even trying to recreate that celebrity chef recipe, cooking fatigue isn’t an excuse to throw good eating habits out the window.

With a few smart choices, healthy eating to help pandemic fatigue is easier than people think. Thoughtful choices, even with pantry essentials, can make a difference in how you feel.

While many people take a daily vitamin, certain foods contain a variety of good nutrients. From immune health to bone health, making smart eating choices can make a different in how you feel.

For example, Vitamin D is good for overall health and avoiding a Vitamin D deficiency can be a good thing. From having some extra eggs at breakfast or even introducing having an extra glass of milk, those little changes can help with extra Vitamin D in a diet.

Also, some people have taken to getting more Vitamin C and Zinc in their diet. Whether it is that extra glass of orange juice or a big citrus salad, those choices are can could make you feel energized. Additionally, there are drinks and other supplements that can boost these vitamins.

Although carbs can get a bad rap from some people, slow carbs can be packed with nutrients and fiber. Choices like whole grains, legumes and colorful fruits and vegetables can be helpful to keep energy levels going.

Consider balancing those slow carbs with protein. Since protein helps to build muscles, combining protein and carbs increase energy levels.

Lastly, staying hydrated is always a priority. Being dehydrated can impact energy, sleeping and a variety of other items. Keeping a re-fillable water bottle on hand and drinking throughout the day can be a good thing.

No matter what people say, a balanced diet is always a good choice. Whether those food choices help to fight pandemic fatigue or are just a healthy eating lifestyle, it is worth trying a few food options and see how you feel. What’s the worst that can happen? You find a new food that you like?

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How are you fighting pandemic fatigue? Are your food choices changing?