Skittles Gummies will be game changer for the favorite fruity candy

New Skittles Gummies, photo provided by Skittles
New Skittles Gummies, photo provided by Skittles /

Tasting the rainbow will be a new experience thanks to Skittles Gummies.

Some tasty candy news is here because Skittles Gummies are coming to the candy aisle. While everyone loves those fruity candies, tasting the rainbow will be a new candy experience. Will the gummy candy be an even more flavorful experience?

Skittles is always looking for new and innovative ways to evolve its candy brand. From the Zombie Skittles with a daring rainbow to the Skittles Smoothies with its tropical flavors, candy lovers have many options to enjoy in addition to the classic Skittles.

Launching in Spring 2021, the Skittles Gummies will be the brand’s first gummy variety in the U.S. While fans will have to wait a little to do their own personal taste test, the candy news announcement does spark some big excitement.

According to Skittles, the Skittles gummies will be available in two varieties, Original and Wild Berry. The Original will feature five fruit flavors, Strawberry, Green Apple, Lemon, Orange and Grape. These are the flavors in the traditional red bag Skittles. The Skittles Wild Berry flavors feature Berry Punch, Strawberry, Melon Berry, Wild Cherry and Raspberry.

For Skittles fans, the flavors will look familiar. The brand took the flavors that everyone loves and transformed them into gummy form.

New Skittles Gummies candy
New Skittles Gummies, photo provided by Skittles /

This product innovation is an interesting choice for Skittles. Gummy candies are always a popular choice. Both young and old enjoy the gummy texture.

Since this gummy candy is a new option for Skittles, it will be interesting to see if people eat one gummy at a time, grab a handful or carefully pair the flavors together. In some ways, it might be a great idea to grab both flavor options and see how many flavor combinations are available. It could become the new candy challenge.

The new Skittles Gummies will be available in Spring 2020. Exact timing and retail locations will be announced closer to the launch date.

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What do you think of this new Skittles candy? Are you excited to try it?