Snoop Dogg reminds us to appreciate the small things

Snoop Dogg SodaStream promo, photo provided SodaStream
Snoop Dogg SodaStream promo, photo provided SodaStream /

Snoop Dogg partners with SodaStream to share a poignant message.

After a tumultuous year, Snoop Dogg and SodaStream have come together to share a simple message this holiday season. In a world filled with uncertainty, the simple things can and do make a difference.

Recently, SodaStream released its holiday commercial featuring Snoop Dogg. With a burst of humor and classic Snoop flare, this commercial is a reminder that our choices can and do have a significant impact.

As seen throughout the year, SodaStream has found the right balance with its message. From its Super Bowl commercials to its Earth Day message, the brand has shown that peoples’ choices matter. While many people appreciate the environmental impact of single use plastic, a habit can take time to form. Still, small changes can make big improvements.

While many people have adapted to using refillable water bottles, some people have not fully embraced the make your own carbonated beverage approach. Given the other significant changes over the past year, this switch seems easy. With fewer trips to the store to being at home more often, being able to have a tasty carbonated beverage at the push of a button seems like a simple solution.

As more people understand how all aspects of life are interrelated, that continual use of single use plastic has a large impact. Even though the cute turtle in this commercial might bring smiles, that moment represents a bigger concern.

Going into the holiday season, many people are looking to find the perfect holiday gift for people in their lives. Instead of another holiday sweater or bath bomb, why not give a gift that gives back. From reducing single use plastic to beverage convenience, SodaStream is that solution.

And, like Snoop Dogg said, focusing on the simple things can be a good thing. Isn’t it time we all take a moment to appreciate what we have in life?

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How are you simplifying the holidays?