Tastykake celebrates the holidays with old school favorite flavors

TastyKake Holiday Offerings, photo provided by TastyKake
TastyKake Holiday Offerings, photo provided by TastyKake /

Satisfy those favorite holiday flavors with these treats from Tastykake.

Give the oven a break and enjoy these Tastykake treats that bring back classic holiday flavors. From breakfast to an anytime sweet indulgence, these limited edition holiday offerings bring a taste of the season to the plate.

Tastykake has been a favorite snack for decades. From its donuts to its cookies, there is always a sweet treat for any occasion. The question isn’t will you enjoy one; it is how many holiday treats will you enjoy during the season.

If you love a classic black and white cookie, you will have to try the Black and White Mini Donuts. The rich chocolate cake filing is covered in a powdered coating. That mix of chocolate and vanilla is irresistible.

Building on a popular food trend, the Salted Caramel Flavored Mini Donuts are a must try. This limited-edition flavor has the perfect caramel and salt crumble coating. The touch of salt with the burst of sweet could make you finish a whole bag without realizing.

If you cannot resist pecans swirls, the Holiday Pecan and Chocolate Swirls are delightful. The new offering is available in festive packaging for a limited time. If you’re at home, consider warming the swirls in the microwave for a few seconds. On a chilly morning, it is quite tasty.

Even though more people have discovered the joy of baking, the glazed chocolate mint pies satisfy that dessert craving without turning on the oven. Plus, who doesn’t love the combination of mint and chocolate during the holidays.

Lastly, the Snowman Crème Filled Snowballs are always a perfect choice. While everyone loves Snowballs, the holiday version is perfect as a gift or just an anytime snack.

From Holiday cookies to Holiday Mini Donuts, there are many Tastykake holiday treats to be enjoyed. Remember, since it is the holiday season, you can have a holiday treat at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t worry, Santa won’t put you on the naughty list.

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What is your favorite Tastykake holiday treat?