How much are you willing to pay for gourmet burger?

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(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Vegas Uncork'd by Bon Appetit) /

An expensive gourmet burger might be delicious but is the price tag becoming outrageous?

What’s the most expensive gourmet burger? As Gordon Ramsay is set to open his London location of Gordon Ramsay Burger restaurant, many people are talking about the cost of a particular burger. According to reports, the Wagyu burger will cost $106. Would you be willing to pay that price for an expensive gourmet burger?

While the Gordon Ramsay burger will get a lot of attention because of the fiery chef, this gourmet burger isn’t the most expensive gourmet burger around. Although many people scoff at the idea of spending $20 on a burger, others are willing to splurge on burger perfection.

Just like not all steaks are created equal, some burgers have special ingredients, which increase the cost. From wagyu beef to truffles to a variety of other ingredients, the burger price begins to soar. Still, how much are you willing to pay for a gourmet burger?

After a little research, these options are considered an expensive gourmet burger. From starting price of $100 up to almost $2000, these gourmet burgers are the ultimate splurge meal. Granted you could probably buy the whole neighborhood enough McDonald’s burgers for one of these options. Still, it you can afford it, it might be worth a bite.

Looking at the lists, the majority of expensive gourmet burgers are around $100. The reason why these burgers are so pricey is because of ingredients like foie gras, truffles and even a garnish of gold leaf. Some even come with a special beverage pairing.

If you are looking to create the ultimate splurge meal, head to Serendipity 3. Its expensive gourmet burger, Le Burger Extravagant, is the ultimate culinary adventure. From the shaved black truffles to Kaluga caviar, this burger is meant to be savored. And, if you are looking to balance out the meal with an expensive dessert, Serendipity 3 also serves the most expensive sundae in the world.

In the end, the most expensive burger might not be in everyone’s price range, but it does spark an interesting conversation. How much is too much for a favorite food? For some people the answer is simple, and, for others, it is quite complicated. When ingredients, culinary creativity and indulgence matters, the price tag might be an afterthought.

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Do you splurge on an expensive meal or do you prefer to keep that money in your wallet?