Coke celebrates Holiday Heroes with messages of gratitude

Holiday Heroes Themed ‘Share A Coke’, photo provided by Coke
Holiday Heroes Themed ‘Share A Coke’, photo provided by Coke /

Holiday Heroes fill our lives and Coke encourages everyone to share their gratitude.

Sometimes a small gesture can have a huge impact. For Coke, its Holiday Heroes extension of the Share a Coke campaign looks to celebrate the meaning of the holiday season. While holiday shopping and festivities might bring the merry, gratitude is the sentiment that brings everyone back to the true magic of the holiday season.

During the holidays, there are many moments that bring a smile. From those polar bears in the Coke commercials to iconic songs at a holiday celebration, the holiday season is really about people who make our lives full. Those moments to reflect can be the most meaningful and memorable.

This year, Share a Coke is taking a slightly different approach. While everyone loves seeing their name on the label, Coke Holiday Heroes extension is a celebration of those people who make a difference in people’s lives. From the teachers who give kids a sense of normalcy to even the delivery worker who brings packages with a smile, those heroes deserve their moment of celebration.

From creating custom Coke bottles to finding special messages in stores, there are many ways to share a Coke and a smile this holiday season. Everyone is encouraged to share their messages of gratitude on social media. Like how the light of one candle can grow into a vibrant display, these messages could be the holiday sentiment to make this season a little brighter.

Since many people will be putting the focus back on the meaning of the holiday season, Coke has shared a new holiday commercial. While this year might have more together yet apart celebrations, the idea behind this commercial seems to capture what many people long for this holiday season. Sometimes the best gift is the time that we spend with others.

As seen in the commercial directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Taika Waititi, “The Letter” is a heartwarming tale that fits into the idea that “Together Tastes Better.” While some people might shed a tear at the end, it is a touching reflection during the holiday season.

Whether you know a hero in your life, are a hero to someone else or just want to celebrate the people who are making a difference in the world, the holiday season is a time to be grateful. In a world filled with uncertainty, people are the reason why a life is fulfilled. If any one lesson can be learned from this unprecedented year, the appreciation for togetherness is a sentiment that should not be forgotten.

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What message of gratitude will you share? Do you have a Coke Holiday Heroes message to share?