Bud and BABE Wine come together for epic holiday celebrations

Babe Wine and Budweiser promo, photo provided by Babe Wine
Babe Wine and Budweiser promo, photo provided by Babe Wine /

BABE Wine and Bud make holiday gifting easy.

Sometimes unlikely pairings seem to capture the moment. BABE Wine and Budweiser are going to win the holiday gifting season with their new collaboration. There is no reason to send that gift card, again, because there’s Drizly to the rescue.

During the holidays, it can be hard to find a gift or just spread some holiday cheer. People are tired, frustrated, even a little overwhelmed. Occasionally, people just want to hit that SOS button on all those holiday to-do lists.

This year, Bud and BABE Wine have made it simple. Via Drizly, specially packaged gifts are available. Whether you like an ice cold beer while watching a game or crave that bubbly wine in a can after a long week, now both options can be delivered together. It might not be the coupling people expect, but it is the one that people will celebrate.

According to Chelsea Phillips, BABE’s General Manager, “Bud and BABE are the perfect pair, and together, they offer something for literally everyone.” (who’s over 21).

Monica Rustgi, Vice President, Marketing for Budweiser. “Our partnership with BABE is a fun and unique way to come together, even if we’re apart, during a different kind of holiday season.”

Since this partnership is meant to bring some holiday cheer, check out the fun video announcement featuring the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales and BABE’s Found, Josh “The Fat Jewish” Ostrovsky.

As seen in the video, beer and wine drinkers come in all shapes and sizes. While there might be differences, everyone can agree that a little holiday cheer is needed right now. When everything can be delivered to the door, it takes the stress off the holiday season.

Additionally, the video blends two things that people want during the holidays. That sense of nostalgia, familiar often drives holiday celebrations. It could be that your dad always had a Bud while watching that football game on Christmas Day. Or maybe you grew up remembering those classic ads with the Clydesdales and they made you smile. Those classic moments bring back holiday memories and moment of happiness.

At the same time, people want fun and merriment. The holidays are meant to be bright and sparkly not obscured by a dark cloud. The BABE Wine is that reminder to find the joy and bring some effervescence to the holiday season. Everyone needs to find their sparkle during the holiday season.

If you want to get the Bud and BABE Wine holiday gift, simply head to Drizly to place an order

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What is your perfect holiday pair? Are you ready to find some holiday cheer?