Philips Espresso LatteGo brings the elevated coffee experience home

Philips Espresso LatteGo, photo provided by Philips
Philips Espresso LatteGo, photo provided by Philips /

A delicious coffee is brewing at home thanks to Philips Espresso LatteGo.

With the whirl of the grind and the aroma beckoning, the Philips Espresso LatteGo serves the perfect coffee beverage to start the day. Whether you have a particular coffee ritual or are just discovering the deliciousness that a perfectly brewed cup of coffee can offer, this kitchen essential deserves a designated spot on the counter.

While everyone has a preferred way to enjoy coffee, all coffee drinkers can agree on one aspect. A great cup of coffee is full of flavor. Although some people subscribe to beverage hacks to make a bad cup of coffee taste better, there is another way. A well-crafted cup of coffee starts with a great brewer.

There is a reason why a café coffee tastes different than other coffees. Even if the same beans are used, the care and detail in extracting the flavor from those beans ensures that the first, second and last sip is as flavorful as it can be. Now, that café experience can be enjoyed at home.

With the Philips Espresso LatteGo, anyone can make a delicious cup of coffee with just a push of a button. From a simple espresso to a frothy cappuccino, five different beverage options await. Although you might not have the barista title, you can produce a barista worthy coffee in your own kitchen.

While many people will appreciate the beverage versatility and ease of use, the flavor difference will make coffee drinkers excited. One aspect is the freshly ground beans. Also, the Aroma Seal ensures that the coffee beans stay fresh. Just like a great recipe, fresh ingredients do make a difference in taste.

Additionally, the Philips Espresso LatteGo allows drinkers to customize the coffee aroma and strength. Via the MyCoffee Choice Menu, drinkers can find the perfect setting for their likes. From a rich crema to a subtle flavor, each beverage will brew just how you like it.

Since water temperature is key to a great brew, the regulated water temperature ensures that all the flavors are extracted with care. Still, when you go to enjoy that first sip, the coffee will be just right for your tastes.

Although much attention is paid to coffee beans, milks and other flavors in a cup of coffee, those items are dependent on the coffee maker. One often overlooked aspect is the cleanliness of the coffee maker itself.

With the Philips Espresso LatteGo, the AquaClean system helps to provided purified water in each brew. By changing the filter as prompted, the machine doesn’t have to be descaled for up to 5,000 cups. Since coffee is a simple beverage, the water and cleanliness of the machine really do matter.

Since Philips understands that a clean coffee maker makes better coffee, every aspect of the Espresso LatteGo is easy to clean. From no tubes to parts being dishwasher safe, each aspect is designed for easy home use.

In some ways, this kitchen essential turns the coffee experience into a coffee ritual. By focusing on producing the best cup of coffee possible, it invites coffee drinkers to sip and savor that coffee.

While there is a time and place for the grab and go caffeine fix, the enjoyment of taking the time to savor coffee needs to be appreciated. Whether it is a few quiet moments in the morning or a mid-afternoon break, that beverage moment can be the reset to propel yourself forward.

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If you are ready to elevate your coffee drinking experience, it is time to change your coffee maker. The Philips Espresso LatteGo is available at various retailers.