Elevate holiday cookies and milk with a little simple twist

Milk and cookies, photo provided by Cristine Struble
Milk and cookies, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

Holiday cookies and milk are a classic holiday food combination, but they are far from boring.

While it might be Santa’s favorite holiday food pairing, holiday cookies and milk don’t have to be the same holiday food tradition this year. Although there is always a taste for holiday nostalgia, a few little twists can make that classic food pairing even more merry. What will be your plate and in your cup this year?

For many people holiday cookies and milk are a holiday tradition. From that afternoon spent in the kitchen baking to the ice-cold milk that makes each bite just taste better, that holiday food tradition is filled with family memories.

In a recent fairlife survey, the brand found that 84% of Americans agree that “milk and cookies are a classic holiday duo.” Given this atypical holiday season, fairlife found that 75% of people believe that it is more important to celebrate holiday traditions.

While there is that desire to have those holiday traditions, many people are looking to bring some excitement to this year’s holiday celebrations. Recently, Amanda Mushro partnered with fairlife to share some simple, yet flavorful ideas to elevate those holiday cookies and milk combinations.

As a mom, Mushro understands that sometimes the simple ideas are a huge hit with the family. While hot chocolate boards have become a popular choice to customize that hot chocolate, that whole board isn’t the only way to bring a little extra sparkle and shine to the holiday food tradition.

For example, Mushro suggested a simple cookie crumb rimmed glass as a new way of serving milk with the cookies. Similar to the idea of a rimmed cocktail glass garnish, this idea is almost like having two desserts in one.

Mushro recommends using a melted chocolate or honey to rim a glass. Then, dip the glass into crushed cookies, peppermint candies or even just some colorful sprinkles. In addition to making a gorgeous visual, it makes for a tasty treat.

One note of caution. Pour the liquid in carefully, which helps to not destroy the decorated rim. Also, you can do a portion of the rim if you prefer.

Whether you use store bought cookie dough, grandma’s favorite recipe or try a brand new cookie recipe, the idea is to have some fun. The best holiday memories are usually filled with laughter.

And, just because Santa might want to stick to the regular milk with his holiday cookies, some parents might want to mix up a holiday cocktail.

For example, Mushro recommends a holiday cocktail using fairlife milk. Even if you just enjoy the cocktail as your dessert, it brings all the flavors of the season into a glass. Whether you want to heat up the fairlife ultra-filtered chocolate milk for prefer a chilled option, this cocktail might bring a little extra merriment to any holiday festivity.

Simply combine a cup of fairlife chocolate ultra-filtered milk with 1.5 oz of whipped cream vodka and a little extra dark chocolate for richness. Also, you could use some chocolate liqueur, a gingerbread rum or even a coffee-infused liquor. The recipe is quite adaptable.

Whether you top it with whipped cream, toasted marshmallows or a peppermint stick, the adults have a chocolate drink that will make them merry. It could even turn that long night of wrapping presents into a fun one.

Holiday cookies and milk will always be part of the holiday food tradition. Still, that food tradition doesn’t have to be boring. With a little creativity, that classic food pairing seems new but never loses that taste of nostalgia.

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What is your favorite holiday food? Does cookies and milk make you feel like a kid again?