Savory holiday cookie recipes need a spot on the cookie plate

Molly Yeh and Boursin holiday collaboration, photo provided by Boursin
Molly Yeh and Boursin holiday collaboration, photo provided by Boursin /

Skip the sweetness because savory holiday cookie recipes are the new cookie trend.

Instead of piling the cookie plate with more sweetness, these savory holiday cookie recipes could be the holiday baking treasure to discover. With a few simple ingredient swaps, that classic cookie recipe has a whole new flavor experience.

While some people love ending a meal on a sweet note, other people are drawn to a savory option. Just like the difference between dessert and a cheese plate, a savory option can offer balance to a robust meal.

Recently, Boursin Cheese worked with three chefs to create savory holiday cookie recipes. As part of the Bourisin Wow-ilday Cookie Challenge, Molly Yeh shares that she thinks a little savory twist on the holiday cookie tradition can make this holiday season even more flavorful. With just a simple swap, those classic cookie recipes have a whole new flavor experience.

The three savory holiday cookie recipes are: Savory Ma’amoul Cookies by Pastry Chef Lena Sareini, Crispy Cheese & Apple Snaps from Executive Pastry Chef Miro Uskokovic and Lemon & Cheese Stuffed Cookies from Chef Paola.

While these savory holiday cookies might not be as common as other holiday cookies, they are relatively easy to make. More importantly the flavors will make you want to serve these holiday cookies as your new cookie tradition.

For example, the Lemon & Cheese Stuffed Cookies by Chef Velez is a modern twist on a traditional Noche Buena cookie. The combination of Boursin Shallot & Cheese with the brightness from the lemon is refreshing on a chilly day.

Plus, the hibiscus maldon salt as a finishing note is a baking tip that many people will want to try on various recipes. That hint of salt lifts the flavor.

Since the holidays is often a time to celebrate cultural traditions, the Savory Ma’amoul Cookes by Chef Sareini is a lovely way to be introduced to the Lebanese shortbread. From the Za’tar to the sumac, these holiday cookies are definitely a must try.

Lastly, the Crispy Cheese & Apple Snaps by Chef Uskokovic is a classic pairing. Apples and cheese have been used in pies and now this cookie recipe is a new way to appreciate the flavor combination.

While this recipe does take a little more care, the apple compote could become a new component to your cheese plate. Why not swap these cookies for crackers and see everyone’s reactions.

These chefs have shared their savory holiday cookies recipes. Swapping Boursin as an ingredient in cookie recipes is relatively easy. A little flavor experiment in the kitchen could be the festive spark that makes this holiday season a little brighter.

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Do you have a savory cookie recipe to share? What is your favorite holiday cookie recipe?