Bethenny Frankel shares easy ways to make the holidays memorable

Bethenny Frankel for Q Mixers, photo by Sasha Maslov
Bethenny Frankel for Q Mixers, photo by Sasha Maslov /

Shake up the holidays with these simple tips from Bethenny Frankel.

The holidays are a time raise a glass. Bethenny Frankel believes that the holiday season is a time to enjoy the moment, reflect on the past and toast what will come. From one great year to the next amazing adventure, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate.

Recently, Frankel partnered with Q Mixers to share some approachable entertaining tips that anyone can adopt. While Frankel might be a media mogul, her ideas work whether you live on the Upper East Side or on the shore. The key is to set the intention and everything else will fall into place.

Here are five easy holiday entertaining tips from Bethenny Frankel.

Quality ingredients matter

For Frankel, she is particular about the ingredients in her cocktail glass. While a quality spirit is important, the mixer allows that spirit to shine. Frankel appreciates Q Mixers in her cocktails.

With real ingredients and less sugar, Q Mixers just make a cocktail taste better. Even though a classic gin and tonic is perfect for any season, Frankel suggests adding a few fresh cranberries for some holiday flare.

Set the scene

Although people might be captivated by those picture perfect social media feeds, anyone can create a stunning holiday display at home. From a few decorations on the holiday table to the iconic Christmas tree, that holiday décor sets the tone for a festive holiday celebration.

Frankel believes it is time to put out all those holiday decorations. She mentioned that she cherishes “these activities even more and it has given my space a whole new feeling from where I have been living for the past few months.”

Simplicity is a gift

While many people have discovered the joy of cooking, the holiday season doesn’t have to be spent in the kitchen continuously. For Frankel, she skips the cooking and lets the professionals take over.

Frankel said, “I order in from my favorite restaurant and re-plate the food on holiday themed platters. This is also a way to support local restaurants which is more important than ever.” Whether it is an entire meal or just sides for a holiday dinner, local restaurant can use people’s support more than ever.

Make the connection

Even though people might have seen too much on all those Zoom calls, the holiday season isn’t time to keep those screens dark. Frankel suggests finding some fun ways to celebrate together yet apart.

For example, she suggests to make “holiday themed playlists, plan out a menu, including this Festive Mule Cocktail, and a fun game to make the evening interactive.” While you might be able to avoid getting cornered by your Aunt’s questions about your last boyfriend, those family holiday get togethers are more important than ever.

A New Year is a reason to celebrate

For many people, the turn of the calendar is a reason to re-set. Even if Dry January isn’t on your to-do list, better for you choices can be a smart decision.

For Frankel, she enjoys a low ABV cocktail like the Americano that uses Q Mixers Club Soda.  A vibrant, flavorful drink, it features less sugar and non-GMO ingredients. It might make you feel better about having that cocktail.

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Whether you use all the ideas from Bethenny Frankel or pick and choose your own adventure, the holidays are a reason to raise a glass and mark the moment. Even if you are ready to push 2020 aside, there are many reasons to be grateful.