Is McDonald’s open on Christmas Eve 2020?

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Are McDonald’s restaurants open on Christmas Eve 2020?

Do you have a Big Mac craving? Luckily McDonald’s restaurants are open on Christmas Eve 2020. Whether you stop for breakfast or dinner, the Golden Arches will be there to welcome you.

If you need a reason to head to McDonald’s on Christmas Eve 2020, free chocolate chip cookies could be a perfect excuse. As the finale day of free food giveaway, everyone will get free chocolate chip cookies on Christmas Eve cookies. And, you don not have to keep that free cookie for Santa. He understands that you need a treat, too.

The holiday free food giveaway was very well received by many people. By leveraging the app, both consumers and the brand won. Although guests only had to spend $1 to get free food, app purchases are usually more. It is just easier to impulse order on an app.

This year has been a big one for McDonald’s. The three new bakery menu items, apple fritter, blueberry muffin and cinnamon roll, have been very well received. Those all-day sweet treats have been a welcome addition to the McDonald’s menu.

Also, this year marked the 25th anniversary of the McFlurry. Even though people still wonder about that iconic spoon, no one can resist that frozen treat.

Looking ahead to 2021, McDonald’s will be offering some new menu items. With the launch of the McPlant, the plant-based offering will definitely have everyone wanting a taste. It will be interesting to see how the McPlant is different from other plant-based burgers.

On Christmas Eve 2020, McDonald’s is open and offering free chocolate chip cookies to everyone. And, if you haven’t gotten everyone a holiday gift, you could pick up that last minute gift card. No one turns down a Big Mac.

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What is your favorite McDonald’s menu item? How often do you visit McDonald’s?