Are McDonald’s restaurants open on Christmas Day 2020?

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Will McDonald’s restaurants be open on Christmas Day to satisfy that Big Mac craving?

On Christmas Day 2020, McDonald’s restaurants will be have their doors open to serve guests. Whether you need an Egg McMuffin for breakfast or prefer a mid-afternoon McFlurry, the Golden Arches will be there to welcome you.

In the past year, McDonald’s has seen much success. One of the biggest launches had been its celebrity menu collaborations. After two popular celebrity menu offerings and the holiday free food promotion, it begs the question, which celebrity menu could be next.

Since the Super Bowl is often a huge promotional event for McDonald’s, it will be interesting to see if a former (or current) football player could be the next celebrity menu item. While last year’s Super Bowl hinted as the favorite menu items, it will be interesting to see what is next on the plate.

Although the celebrity meals were a huge hit, the Happy Meal continues to have its moment. From partnerships with Disney to even bringing some Jurassic learning to the table, that classic meal will never go out of style.

Additionally, 2021 looks to offer a huge new menu item with the launch of the McPlant. While this brand might have waited to launch its plant based offering, it might be the most flavorful offering yet. Since McDonald’s always exceeds expectations, even the biggest meat eater will want to try a taste.

Even though there were some misses during 2020, the brand continues to have many loyal fans. Whether driving down the road, using the app or placing an order for delivery, there is nothing better than a burger and fries.

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On Christmas Day 2020, McDonald’s will be there to serve you. And, make sure to check your favorite location. While most locations will be open, some franchisees might have limited hours.

What is your favorite McDonald’s menu item?