Buffalo Wild Wings puts on its Rally Cap for 2021

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Buffalo Wild Wings)
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Buffalo Wild Wings) /

Buffalo Wild Wings has a 2021 Rally Cap because the new year needs a rally.

The new year is ready for some momentum and Buffalo Wild Wings is prepared. With the 2021 Rally Cap, sports fans are showing their desire to bring some excitement and hope for the sports world. If the rally cap works to bring a favorite team some needed momentum, shouldn’t it work for 2021?

America’s Sports Bar has been the lifeline for many sports fans. While the fake crowd noise avoided silence on the screen, many sports fans missed out on the traditional sports experiences this year. From tailgating to watching the action in person, the sports fan was connected yet disconnected.

Still, Buffalo Wild Wings kept their screens on for fans to see all the action. Although it might not have been quite as boisterous as a typical season, sports fans could grab a dozen wings, an iced cold beer and cheer that epic drive down the field. Even if you were the only person cheering for the Browns, that ability to let your Dawg Pound pride fly felt good.

As the year that wasn’t comes to an end, Buffalo Wild Wings wants to send 2020 off and rally for better year. The 2021 Rally Cap looks to bring some positive momentum to the new year. Although nothing is guaranteed, any positive vibes are welcome.

For just $20.21, anyone can buy the special cap. Available at 2021RallyCap.com, proceeds from the cap’s sales will benefit the Buffalo Wild Wings Foundation. The foundation looks “to build communities where all kids can thrive, compete and belong to a team.”

While everyone has a favorite team or sport, everyone can agree that 2021 needs everyone’s support. Maybe if everyone flips that cap inside out, the momentum for 2021 will turn the year that wasn’t into a year that can be.

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What are you excited for in 2021? Are you ready to rally for the new year?