Can you guess the hottest bacon trend taking over menus?

(Photo illustration by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
(Photo illustration by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) /

The hottest bacon trend has grown almost 40% in the past year.

While everyone loves bacon, the hottest bacon trend isn’t just the love of all things bacon. Even though bacon can work in savory and sweet recipes (remember that Wendy’s Baconator Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe), a particular style of bacon has become quite popular. It might already be in your refrigerator right now.

Although some people tried to get vegan bacon to be a thing, traditional bacon still remains a favorite. Whether you prefer crispy, thick cut or candied, bacon continues to grow in popularity. From a cocktail garnish to topping to a burger, bacon continues to be king.

According to Wright Brand Bacon, 268 million Americans consumed bacon in 2020. With sales up over 18% in the past year, it seems that many people were craving bacon as the ultimate comfort food. Somehow bacon brought a little happy in a year that wasn’t.

Still, one type of bacon was the most popular. Based on many new menu items, that hottest bacon trend seemed obvious.

From Wright Brand Bacon, Applewood Smoked Bacon was the bacon trend of 2020. While the traditional hickory smoked bacon still has legions of fans, the Applewood Smoked Bacon grew in popularity. It could be because many new menu items featured the bacon.

Since many people believe that bacon brings the happy, Wright Brand is offering fans the chance to swap that less than perfect holiday gift for some tasty bacon. Simply post that less than desirable holiday gift on socials and tag Wright Brand. 100 bacon lovers will get to swap that crappy holiday gift for some tasty, thick cut, real wood Wright Brand bacon.

Thinking about this promotion, it will be interesting to see what people try to swap. From that package of socks from grandma to maybe that self-help book from your mom, there are many gift options that should have stayed under the tree.

If you are hungry for the hottest bacon trend, grab a package of Applewood Smoked Bacon and enjoy. Life is too short not to eat more bacon.

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What is your favorite bacon pairing? How many pieces of bacon do you eat as a serving?