Are McDonald’s restaurants open on New Year’s Day 2021?

McDonald's New Year's promo, photo provided by Uber Eats
McDonald's New Year's promo, photo provided by Uber Eats /

Craving McDonald’s restaurants on New Year’s Day 2021?

Have a McDonald’s Big Mac craving? On New Year’s Day, McDonald’s restaurants may be open to satisfy that hunger. Whether you need a little a quick bite for breakfast or a mid-day snack, the Golden Arches might be the place to kick of the New Year.

New Year’s Day 2021 might not be the typical start to a new year, but it is the hand that everyone has been dealt. Even if you watched the ball drop from the comfort of your couch, a fast food craving on New Year’s Day can happen. Sometimes burger and fries are that perfect bite to start anew.

But, the question remains, are McDonald’s restaurants open on New Year’s Day 2021? The answer isn’t as simple as the question. Truthfully, it depends.

Since many McDonald’s restaurants are franchises, it is up to the local owners to set operating hours on a holiday. It is best to check with your local McDonald’s to determine if your preferred location is open and serving food.

For some people, New Year’s Day will offer some big savings on McDelivery thanks to Uber Eats. Doesn’t a new year deserve new savings?

From December 31 through January 3, McDelivery on Uber Eats will have a $0 delivery fee. To qualify, it must be a $20 or more food order. The offer cannot be combined with other offers.

Whether you want an McMuffin and some breakfast items first thing in the morning or have that McFlurry craving after dinner, this special McDelivery offer is waiting for you. Why not resolve to save on food delivery for the new year.

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What are your New Year’s traditions? Do you always have the same foods on New Year’s Day?