Crepes have become the must have theme park food

Crepes at Universal Orlando Resort, photo by Cristine Struble
Crepes at Universal Orlando Resort, photo by Cristine Struble /

From sweet to savory, crepes are the must have theme park food.

Move over churros, the tastiest theme park food is crepes. The thin, delicate pancake is more than just that traditional French delicacy. Over the years, the crepe has transformed into a meal, a dessert and a treat that is irresistible. Now, as theme parks embrace this delicious menu item, it seems that is the food that people are craving.

While the crepe is not a new food innovation, it is not a common men item. Although traditional pancakes, piled high with butter and syrup bring smiles any time of day, a pancake does not translate well to a theme park food. It is not portable or easily eaten in a theme park.

But, the thin, delicate French cousin, the crepe, lends itself to both a sit down experience as well as a portable option. Although the food can be labor intensive to make, that first bite is worth the wait.

Currently, Universal Orlando has Central Park Crepes in its Universal Studios theme park. While the small location across from Café La Bamba is a walk-up food kiosk, the line to enjoy a bite of these tasty treats is always quite long.

With several permanent menu options and a rotating seasonal offering, many guests happily wait to enjoy one of those tightly wrapped treats that just seems to satisfy in so many ways. From the savory brisket option to the classic hazelnut and strawberry combination, each and every menu item deserves to be sampled.

In many ways, the crepe menu is so craveable because it is a food that isn’t often made at home. While many people can easily make a pancake, or even a Dutch Baby, the delicate crepe seems to baffle many home cooks. From being precariously thin to the careful folding, the simplicity makes it deceptively hard to master. Yet, the Universal chefs make it seem just too easy.

While Universal Florida has its, Disney Parks will be opening its creperie restaurant in Epcot this year. Although Crepes de Chef has been popular Epcot kiosk, the new restaurant will show the versatility that a crepe can offer.

As part of the Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure attraction to be open in 2021, the crêperie will quickly become a must stop. Featuring cuisine celebrity chef Jérôme Bocuse, fans of the other French restaurants will be excited to sample the various dishes. Although the menu has yet to be released, guests should see a nod to classic French dishes as well as some approachable options that will appeal to theme park guests.

With theme park food evolving to be part of the whole guest experience, it will be interesting to see what the next food trend will be. Although churros will never fade as a favorite theme park food, crepes could be the 2021 food to enjoy.

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What is your favorite theme park food? Have you enjoyed the crepes food trend?