Best Discovery Plus food television shows to watch immediately

Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis pose in Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy, as seen on Bobby & Giada In Italy, Season 1. Photo provided by Discovery+
Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis pose in Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy, as seen on Bobby & Giada In Italy, Season 1. Photo provided by Discovery+ /

These best Discovery Plus food TV shows are totally binge worthy.

With these best Discovery Plus food TV shows, foodies will be salivating over the delicious food, marveling over the creative cakes and yearning to get into the kitchen. With numerous food TV shows available at their convenience, foodies will be glued to their screens.

Discovery+ offers a variety of food TV programs. In addition to some classic Food Network shows, some new, original content is coming to the streaming service. In some ways, these new programs are quite exciting. From popular chefs to visually stunning edible art, these shows are quite binge worthy.

Here are the best Discovery Plus food television shows to watch right now.


If you were a fan of Buddy vs Duff, Cakealikes will be your must watch baking show. Natalie Sideserf, who impressed with her Yoda cake on the finale of Buddy vs Duff season 2 finale, is one of the judges on this food TV show.

Cakealikes is edible art to the extreme. The life-sized cakes are celebrity cake look-alikes. While not necessarily Madame Tussauds, these cakes will make you do a double take.

Of course, there are many laughs along the way. Even with the best intentions, there are a few cake fails. Sometimes the interpretation is not as stunning as the original.

Bobby and Giada in Italy

If you have wanderlust, Bobby and Giada in Italy will make you long for the ability to get on a plane. As Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis travel through Italy, they explore some of the traditions and best food that the region offers. In some ways, it is a love letter to Italy. More importantly, it will make you hungry for some great Italian food.

Tregaye’s Way in the Kitchen

The Next Food Network Star Season 12 winner gets her own show on Discovery+. Given that she likes to put modern twists on traditional recipes, it will be interesting to see the recipes on this show.

Since  Tragaye is a mom, this program could inspire some families to embrace new recipes. While many people struggle with the “what’s for dinner.” this show could be the answer.

Chopped Challenge

As one of the Food Network’s most popular show, this Chopped Challenge shows what the Chopped Judges would do at home. It finally answers the question, what would the judges make with one of those mystery baskets.

Lovely Bites with Chef Lovely

Many people might remember Chef Lovely from Hell’s Kitchen and Food Network Star. Her program shows how to create special occasion food.

Amy Schumer Learns to Cook: Uncensored

If you enjoyed watching Amy Schumer Learns to Cook on Food Network, this update takes an uncensored look at those kitchen discoveries. It will be interesting to hear the commentary when there is no filter.

Magnolia Table

After a successful preview across all the Discovery Networks, many people are excited to watch and re-watch Joanna Gaines and her Magnolia Table series. From easy to make recipes to appreciating the connection to family, her cooking show will be bookmarked by many.

In addition to some of the new programming, many favorite Food Network programs will be available. From seasons of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives to Worst Cooks, all the popular shows are available at viewer’s convenience.

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Discovery+ is a paid streaming service.

Which Discovery plus food television shows are you excited to watch? Will this new service change your viewing habits?