ALDI Frozen Avocado Chunks need to be stocked in your freezer

ALDI January Finds, photo provided by ALDI
ALDI January Finds, photo provided by ALDI /

The ALDI Frozen Avocado Chunks is the most versatile ALDI find.

The ALDI Frozen Avocado Chunks are the food to file under food we never knew that we needed but can’t live without. This simple, genius idea ensures that there is always a ripe avocado at the ready. From the classic avocado toast to even that morning smoothie, there is always room for more avocado.

Like many people, there are always a few avocados in the produce bowl. Even though avocados are eaten by the dozen in my house, there has to be a system to the buying and eating. It is rare that you buy some avocados at the store and eat them the same day. Or, you have to buy avocados in various stage of ripeness to ensure food longevity.

On top of ripeness, avocado prep injuries can be quite problematic. While many people have switched to an avocado prep tool to avoid those knife injuries, an errant cut can happen.

With the ALDI Frozen Avocado Chunks (Season’s Choice Frozen Avocado, $2.99 for a bag), it is the most convenient way to enjoy avocado. Whether you want a couple of pieces as a topping for a sandwich, a handful to add to a smoothie or the whole bag to make guacamole, it is gives the home cook options.

Although many people have learned to freeze avocados, this option is just easier. No cutting, prepping or other hassles. Simply open the bag and go.

Like many ALDI Finds, it is a product that you never that you needed, wanted or had to have until you bought. Sometimes the simple ideas are the ones that resonate the most.

And, if you are buying the ALDI Frozen Avocado Chunks, why not stock up on some other ALDI finds. From the Whole & Simple Breakfast Bites to the Simply Nature Butternut Squash Crackers, there are so many tasty treats to enjoy. The cart will definitely be full.

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What is your recent best ALDI find? Will you be trying these Frozen Avocado Chunks?