Centerplate tackles the 2021 College Football Championship game

Centerplate sets championship expectations for the 2021 College Football Championship game.

As the Alabama Crimson Tide and Ohio State Buckeyes take the field for the 2021 College Football Championship game at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Centerplate continues to be the hospitality leader at premiere sport entertainment venues. With health and safety protocols firmly in place, the event looks to be a boost not only for the fans in attendance but also for the South Florida community that will support the event.

Throughout the recent NFL season, Hard Rock Stadium has set the standard for fans’ return to live sporting events. As the” first stadium worldwide to receive GBAC STAR accreditation,” the Miami venue found a way to navigate health and safety protocols while still giving fans in person sports experience that they craved.

For the 2021 College Football Championship game, Centerplate and Hard Rock Stadium made the guest experience a priority. The goal was to put fans back in their seats in the most efficient way. Via order-ahead capabilities through its app, selected menu items and pre-packaged offerings, guests would minimize time spent in the concourses. With a conscious effort to keep social distancing, these choices helped to maximize the goal of fans in their seats.

Hard Rock Stadium 2021 College Football Championship menu

Hard Rock Stadium 2021 College Football Championship menu photo provided by Centerplate

Although there were menu modifications, the Centerplate team and its Executive Chef Dayanny de La Cruz created a stellar menu fit for the championship game. From a delicious stadium burger to the easy to eat chicken pops, the blend of convenience and flavor is clear. There is even a nod to Miami culture with the Cubano Sausage. And, a few special menu items will reflect both Alabama and Ohio State.

While the food entices, guests want to feel safe in the stadium environment. Tom Garfinkel, Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium Vice Chairman and CEO, said, “The health and safety of everyone continues to be our top priority for the national championship game. We hope the diligent planning that has gone into making Hard Rock Stadium a safe environment will create an enjoyable experience for all of our guests.”

Although fans might miss the call of the beverage vendor as he walks the stands, the other modifications have been seamlessly incorporated into the fan experience. For example, the elimination of cash for purchases is something that many fans will appreciate.

Additionally, Centerplate and Hard Rock Stadium are showing a commitment to important causes. The event will source from South Florida purveyors, which can boost the local economy.

In addition, Ball Corporation’s infinitely recyclable aluminum cups will be in use during the game. Part of Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow 2025 goals, these cups help to reduce single-use plastics.

Overall, each aspect of the 2021 College Football Championship game was planned with the utmost care. From health and safety to looking at long term goals, Centerplate and Hard Rock Stadium have found a way to score a win for everyone involved.


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