KIT KAT Thins are a new, thinner way to take a break

New KIT KAT Thins, photo provided by Hershey
New KIT KAT Thins, photo provided by Hershey /

KIT KAT Thins are the little break that everyone can appreciate.

Continuing to give candy fans more sweet food options, the new KIT KAT Thins satisfy that craving in just a little bite. Without sacrificing that classic KIT KAT flavor, these thinner candies are just a new way of taking that candy break.

The classic KIT KAT Bar features crispy wafers covered in chocolate. While there are seasonal, limited edition variations, the classic flavor is always the same. Although a few people might been known for incorrectly eating that classic Hershey candy, the crunchy, chocolatey candy is always a tasty choice.

The KIT KAT Thins have just two crispy wafers versus the classic three layers of wafer in a traditional bar. While the candy is thinner, the reduction of a layer doesn’t take away from eating satisfaction. There is still crunch and chocolate.

Hershey offers a variety of thin candies in its portfolio. From Reese’s to York, many people prefer the thin option as a smaller treat to satisfy that craving. Sometimes a whole candy bar is just too much. The thin variety allows people to enjoy a sweet treat without any guilt. Life is too short to feel guilty about enjoying food.

New KIT KAT Thins
New KIT KAT Thins, photo provided by Hershey /

In addition, the Hershey Thin candies come individually wrapped. That aspect makes it easy to enjoy those candies whenever and wherever you choose. From having a few candies in your purse to even adding a treat to a lunch, candy is meant to bring smiles from that sweet treat.

Previously, the National Confectionery Association formulated the program called Always a Treat. The concept focuses on giving consumers treat options that are under 200 calories. The Hershey Thins line is a great example of this type of offering. It is the same, delicious candy that consumers crave just in a way that supports the Always a Treat mentality.

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The KIT KAT Thins are available in 3.4 oz and 7.2 oz bag and retails for approximately $2.39 and $3.89 respectively.

What do you think of the new KIT KAT Thins? Are you going to keep some in the pantry?