The simple reason why every home cook needs a SodaStream

SodaStream and Bubly partnership, photo provided SodaStream
SodaStream and Bubly partnership, photo provided SodaStream /

Home cooks find there’s more to a SodaStream than just another tasty beverage.

Many people turn to SodaStream to reduce single use plastic, cost saving and just to make a tasty sparkling beverage. While this kitchen essential has become a staple in many people’s homes, home cooks are thinking beyond just that sip of refreshment. What else does that sparkling beverage maker offer?

While every chef is different, many chefs turn to sparkling water as a simple ingredient that can offer a creativity in the kitchen. Since the beverage is rather inexpensive, it much easier to experiment with a sparkling water than a bottle of sparkling wine.

Truthfully, sparkling water is the secret ingredient in many recipes. Using sparkling water in a waffle or pancake mix can make a fluffier batter. All the carbonation helps to keep that batter lighter.

Many people discovered the simplicity of the two ingredient cake that used sparkling water and a store bought cake mix. If you haven’t tried that baking recipe, it is quite tasty.

Whether it is batter, a flavor enhancer or a myriad of other ideas, sparkling water is the inexpensive ingredient that cooks use to experiment. You might cry over a recipe disaster with a $20 bottle of sparkling wine, but you won’t shed a tear when it is just sparkling water.

By having a SodaStream in the kitchen, the home cook can experiment with both carbonation and flavor. It can be fun to see if a stronger carbonation makes for a better tasting pancake. Or, maybe 6 grapefruit bubly drops makes that simple cake pop. Basically, it invites you to embrace that culinary creativity.

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Next time you see that SodaStream in the kitchen, it can be more than just a reminder to enjoy another refreshing beverage. It could be the inspiration to your next great cooking adventure.