Michelob Ultra Super Bowl commercial celebrates the joy of the journey

Michelob Ultra Super Bowl Commercial, photo provided by Michelob Ultra
Michelob Ultra Super Bowl Commercial, photo provided by Michelob Ultra /

In the new Michelob Ultra Super Bowl commercial, the beer brand shows that the grit, grind and determination for success doesn’t happen within a bubble. While many celebrated athletes are said to have that “it” factor, that spark might be rooted in a simple idea. Happy can be the fuel for the competitive fire.

In last year’s Super Bowl commercial, Michelob Ultra brought some much needed laughs. While the weekend warriors could relate to that exercise/consumption life balance equation, this year people are in a different space.

Whether it is celebrated athletes or that armchair athlete, people are always looking for that competitive edge. What makes one person succeed and other person fall just slightly short? Can someone really reveal the secret to that success?

Michelob Ultra Super Bowl commercial asks, are you happy because you win, or do you win because you’re happy?

Here’s the Michelob Ultra Super Bowl Commercial, “Happy.”

While not everyone is a celebrated, championship athlete, many people can related to a situation of hard work, grit and grind. It could be accomplishing 10 workout on that new spin bike. Or, it could be earning that impressive grade on a test. Many people work towards a goal and appreciate the accomplishment associated with it.

Still, not every journey is the same. Sometimes those 10 workouts are easier when someone is on the leader board with you. A study partner can make that goal even more special.

In the past year, many people are come to realize that the support of people in their lives is more important than ever. It makes a victory sweeter and a loss more palatable. In the end, it is about the people who built the foundation for the accomplishment than accomplishment, itself.

Hopefully, this Michelob Ultra Super Bowl commercial doesn’t disappear after the Lombardi Trophy is raised by the victors. The message of “Happy” is an idea that needs to be celebrated always.

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What do you think of the Michelob Ultra message? Do you agree with the idea?