Snyder’s of Hanover adds three new Twisted Pretzel Sticks flavors

New Synders of Hanover twisted pretzel flavors, photo provided by Synders
New Synders of Hanover twisted pretzel flavors, photo provided by Synders /

Snack time just got a flavor boost thanks to the three new Twisted Pretzel Sticks flavors from Snyder’s of Hanover. While a classic pretzel is a classic snack, a flavor twist brings some extra excitement to snack time. Are you ready for some bold, twist flavors?

Rolling out on store shelves, the three new Twisted Pretzel Sticks flavors are Jalapeno Ranch, Sour Cream and Onion, and Extreme Seasoned. These three new flavors look to put the flavor in the pretzel, not on it.

Thinking about these new Snyder’s of Hanover snacks, the flavors follow the recent food trends that focus on bolder flavors yet in an approachable way. It isn’t necessarily exotic flavor combination, but it brings some excitement to the traditional pretzel.

Twisted Pretzel Sticks by Snyder’s of Hanover are made for snacking.

Looking at the three flavors, the Sour Cream & Onion could the big winner of the group. Who hasn’t dipped their pretzel in a sour cream and onion dip? Now, this pretzel flavor puts it all together.

While this pretzel is tasty on its own, it could also be quite tasty as an addition to a snack mix. Consider adding the twisted pretzels with some walnuts or even some sesame crackers for a combination of flavors to make a snack mega mix.

Many people will be drawn to the Jalapeno Ranch. The combination of cool spice is always a popular choice. Given that the twisted pretzel tends to accentuate the flavor pockets, this flavor might be the preferred choice for many snack lovers. Plus, the combination of jalapeno and ranch ensures that the heat level is approachable.

Lastly, the Seasoned Twisted Pretzel Sticks are the most traditional flavor of the three offerings. With onion, garlic and pepper, this option is probably the most craveable. In the new, improved flavor, the seasoning is slightly bolder but that buttery note comes through in each bite.

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The Snyder’s of Hanover Twisted Pretzel Sticks are sold at a variety of retailers. A bag has a suggested retail price of $3.89.

What do you think of the new Snyder’s of Hanover pretzel flavors? Are you ready to add them to your snack bowl?