Tommie Smith becomes an iconic Wheaties box athlete

Tommie Smith Wheaties Box, photo provided by Wheaties
Tommie Smith Wheaties Box, photo provided by Wheaties /

Becoming a Wheaties box athlete is a great accolade and Tommie Smith joins many celebrated athletes like LeBron James, Serena Williams and others. While Smith’s accomplishments happened both on and off the podium, his appearance on the cereal box should spark an important conservation around the breakfast table.

Many people look up to athletes. Beyond their accomplishments in their sport, these people often use their position to shed light on important subjects. By giving a voice to the unspoken, these athletes can spark a change.

Tommie Smith brought the conversation of racial equality to the Olympic stage. With this iconic arm raised in the air at the 1968 Olympic Games, he made at statement that has become a symbol for activist athletes.

Tommie Smith gets his commemorative Wheaties Box.

According to Taylor Gessell, brand experience manager for Wheaties, “While Tommie was a world champion runner, his work as one of the original activist athletes laid the foundation for champions to use their platform and stand for something extraordinary. We are proud to honor this true champion and trailblazer with this special commemorative Wheaties box.”

Tommie Smith and his Wheaties Breakfast of Champions Box
Tommie Smith and his Wheaties Breakfast of Champions Box, photo provided by Wheaties /

Although some people may not know that Smith won the goal medal for the 200-meter sprint in those Olympic Games, most people know his podium moment. That gesture has some to be seen as a “silent protest for racial justice, solidarity, and human rights.”

When Smith received this commemorative Wheaties box, he said “As a world champion, I always wanted to be on a Wheaties box. To now be recognized by Wheaties and selected to grace the cover of their box, in the class with other great champion athletes, is an honor.”

Smith’s iconic moment is part of the documentary With Drawn Arms. That film discusses how one moment in sports history has become a symbol the racial equality moment. Even over 50 years after that single moment, it has inspired other athletes to use their platform to highlight social change.

During the documentary, Smith shared that one of his dreams was to be included in a “Breakfast of Champions” box. Now, he has that opportunity.

The Smith Wheaties box will be available exclusively online starting in April. Pre-orders are available now.

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Do you think that Smith’s inclusion is long overdue? What other social justice athletes deserve their moment captured on the iconic cereal box?