Wendy’s breakfast menu is successful by focusing on this key element

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As a later entry to the quick service restaurant breakfast arena, Wendy’s breakfast menu found a way to set itself apart from the other restaurant breakfast menus. While everyone knew that the Wendy’s social media game would be on point and its loyal customers would flock to try the breakfast menu, the company appreciated that one key element would be different from all the other egg sandwich offerings on competitors’ menus.

Recently, during a media event that FoodSided attended, Wendy’s CMO Carl Loredo and Wendy’s Vice President of Culinary Innovation John Li, shared much insight about the Wendy’s breakfast menu, why these menu items have proven to be so successful and a few hints about potential new offerings for the next year.

Although Wendy’s breakfast menu launch could have been derailed due to the unforeseen events of the world, in some ways that timing might have given the brand a unique opportunity to prove that its breakfast offerings are different from the competition. In some ways, those craveable breakfast options were even more exciting for people who were sitting at home.

Is Wendy’s breakfast menu really a nod to brunch?

During the call, both Loredo and Li shared their favorite menu choices from the Wendy’s breakfast menu. While Li is drawn to the sweet and savory Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, Loredo prefers the Wendy’s Breakfast Baconator. That commentary is one of the many reasons why Wendy’s has taken over the breakfast category, the diversity of its menu ensures that every taste is satisfied.

Loredo mentioned that the development of the breakfast menu always focused on the Wendy’s goal of “food done right.” While that mantra drives every Wendy’s innovation, the breakfast menu took the concept even further. Why should people wait for the weekend to enjoy a brunch like experience?

Looking at the Wendy’s breakfast menu, many of the items have that craveable, sometimes elevated food flavor experience, as seen on a brunch menu. From the hollandaise sauce to the laminated layers in their croissants, each element of every menu item was carefully crafted. It was about setting itself apart in a sea of sameness.

For example, the honey butter chicken sandwich isn’t just chicken on a biscuit. That honey maple butter highlights the savory chicken. It is about offering that brunch flavor in way that is convenient and cost effective. When breakfast food boredom sets in, Wendy’s sought to bring the flavor up a notch.

While the Wendy’s breakfast menu seems to have it all, extravagant offerings like the Breakfast Baconator to classic sausage, egg and cheese, there is still room to grow this menu. For example, there isn’t a spicy breakfast menu item. Although Loredo or Li would not confirm any menu additions, the comments during the event seemed to hint that bold flavor menu options could be coming in the future.

Since Wendy’s always focuses on “food done right,” Wendy’s will not launch new food choices until it knows that it can set itself apart from the competition. Even if you think that Frosty-ccino would be perfect with a spicy honey butter chicken biscuit, it might be a while till that speculation becomes a reality.

If you haven’t tried the Wendy’s breakfast menu yet, it is time to discover why these breakfast items are different from the crowd. And, be sure to check with Wendy’s, its app and the Square Deal blog for special offers. You might even be able to get a two for $4 offer or other special deals.

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What is your favorite Wendy’s breakfast menu item? What new menu item would you like to see added?