Mary McCartney showcases modern meatless meals on Discovery plus

Close-up of Mary McCartney in kitchen next to Cookies and Sandwich and smiling. Photo provided by Discovery +
Close-up of Mary McCartney in kitchen next to Cookies and Sandwich and smiling. Photo provided by Discovery + /

For many people, food television opens the possibilities of what food can be. In the Mary McCartney Serves It Up show on Discovery Plus, her conversations with some famous friends proves that food sparks a conversation both around and beyond the table. Are you ready to pull up a chair?

Discovery Plus is proving to be a feast for food television. From the new Magnolia Table to favorite Food Network shows, there many food themed shows to satisfy those cravings.

Debuting on February 4, Mary McCartney Serves It Up, gives a glimpse into her kitchen and welcomes viewers into a candid conversation with McCartney and her friends. As these episodes show, food is the universal language that unites people across the miles.

Mary McCartney Serves It Up proves meat free eating is scrumptious.

While the guests and the dishes vary, the concept of good food and good company are woven within each episode. McCartney said, “With the help of a few friends, I want to show that meat free eating can be varied, delicious and accessible to everyone. The recipes are simple, easy and rewarding. I can’t wait for you to be able to join me and my super talented guests for food and fun.”

Mary McCartney stars in a new Discovery Plus show
Close-up of Mary McCartney smiling and holding an iphone with Kate Hudson on camera. Photo provided by Discovery + /

As many people tune in to the show to see celebrities like Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Dave Grohl and Gayle King, foodies will be drawn to the amazing recipes. In some cases, it could turn that voracious carnivore into a plant-based food fan.

Some dishes include Sticky Crispy Cauliflower Bites, Deluxe Hash Brown Skillet and even Maple Vodka Grilled Peaches. Even though many people are embracing the flexitarian lifestyle, plant-based recipes can be even more exciting that the traditional alternative. Hopefully, this Discovery Plus show will encourage more home cooks to embrace plant-based recipes.

After watching the show, many people could be encouraged to open McCartney’s cookbooks, Food: Vegetarian Home Cooking and At My Table: Vegetarian Feasts for Family and Friends. These cookbooks show that meat free recipes can have a special place on a celebratory table.

Mary McCartney Serves It Up airs on Discovery Plus. It joins other food programming like Cupcake Guys Training Camp, Cakealikes and Bobby and Giada in Italy. Discovery Plus is a paid subscription network.

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Are you excited to watch Mary McCartney and her guests? Could this new show encourage you to incorporate some more meatless meals on your table.