The big reason to carefully watch the MTN DEW Super Bowl commercial

New MTN DEW Super Bowl commercial, photo provided by MTN DEW
New MTN DEW Super Bowl commercial, photo provided by MTN DEW /

Put down those Doritos and watch that MTN DEW Super Bowl commercial very, very carefully. While many people watch the big game just for the commercials, there is an even bigger reason to watch the MTN DEW commercial, actually one million reasons.

Earlier this year, MTN DEW released its first new permanent new flavor to its beverage line-up, MTN DEW Major Melon. The watermelon, citrus beverage is bright, refreshing and becoming a favorite the DEW Nation.

To ensure that everyone knows about the new beverage flavor, the MTN FEW Super Bowl commercial is going big. While having John Cena in its commercial is a reason to watch, there is a bigger incentive to carefully examine each frame of that ad.

Could the MTN DEW Super Bowl commercial change your life?

While there is much excitement about the new MTN DEW Major Melon, the MTN DEW Super Bowl commercial has a million, or more, reasons to put that beverage on top of your favorite list. With the help of John Cena, one lucky viewer could win a $1 million dollars. Can you count quickly?

As a fan of MTN DEW, John Cena was exited to be part of the MTN DEW Major Mellon Super Bowl commercial. Cena, said, “commercials play an important role during the big game and I have a feeling fans are going to go nuts for this one. The MTN DEW Major Melon commercial is truly a life changing opportunity for one lucky fan.”

For a chance to earn the $1 million dollars, fans will have to count “the correct number of bottles appearing in the spot.” For complete rules, please visit

If you already have some MTN DEW Major Melon at home, why not shake up a MTN DEW Major Melon cocktail. During the PepsiCo Go Big and Go Home event, Greg Lyons, CMO of PepsiCo Beverages North America shared how to make Whiskey Major.

If you want to shake up this cocktail, here’s how to make Whiskey Major.


  • 2 fresh basil leaves, lightly muddled
  • Squeeze of fresh lemon juice
  • 1 ¼ oz Bourbon or Whiskey
  • 3-4 oz MTN DEW Major Melon
  • Lemon Wheel, garnish
  • Sprinkle of fresh cracked pepper, optional garnish


  • Lightly muddle basil leaves and lemon juice in the bottle of a rocks glass.
  • Fill glass with ice and top with bourbon or whiskey and MTN DEW Major Melon
  • Stir, garnish and serve

If you are so inclined, grab some snacks and toast to the good life. With the new MTN DEW Major Melon, the sweet life is just a sip away.

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Have you tried the new MTN DEW flavor yet? What do you think?