Who’s going to Walt Disney World after winning the Super Bowl?

(Photo by Kent Phillips/Walt Disney World Resort via Getty Images)
(Photo by Kent Phillips/Walt Disney World Resort via Getty Images) /

As the confetti rains and the cheers continue, winning the Super Bowl comes with the iconic phrase, I’m going to Walt Disney World. With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers playing in their home stadium and the home team raising the Lombardi Trophy, one more to-do item needs to be checked off. Who is heading to Walt Disney World to celebrate?

At the end of Super Bowl LV, both Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski captured that “I’m going to Disney World” iconic phrase. According to Disney Parks, Gronkowski will be heading to Disney Parks today to create some magical moments with Mickey and friends. Brady will be attending at another time.

Although the traditional celebratory parade will not happen this year, there will be much celebrating. Since Gronkowski is a big personality, he might make the Happiest Place on Earth even happier.

How many times has Walt Disney World hosted Super Bowl champions?

The first Walt Disney World commercial featuring “I’m going to Disney World” dates back to Super Bowl XXI. Phil Simms, quarterback for the New Giants, was the first person to say that iconic phrase.

Over the years, Super Bowl champions, U.S. Olympians, other athletes, and popular figures visited either Walt Disney World or Disneyland. Last year’s celebration at Walt Disney World included collaboration with Make-A-Wish. Patrick Mahomes took to the parade with a special Make-A-Wish guests to celebrate the big moment.

Even though the traditional parade isn’t happening this year, that Walt Disney World tradition continues. Just like the Super Bowl LV commercials that had a nod to nostalgia and feel good moments, seeing players celebrating with the idea of going to Disney World gives people hope. While life may not be a “normal” situation, great moments need and should be celebrated. It could be those memories that keep people motivated during the difficult times.

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