Lucky Charms brings its magical deliciousness beyond the cereal bowl

Lucky Charms St. Patrick's Day promos, photo provided by Lucky Charms
Lucky Charms St. Patrick's Day promos, photo provided by Lucky Charms /

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, Lucky Charms is ready to celebrate all the magical deliciousness that appears during the holiday. While the leprechauns always enjoy a little game, this year everyone can have some special moments that bring a pot of gold to family time.

For many families, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations begin with the cereal bowl. Even if a leprechaun left some mischief in the kitchen, those colorful marshmallows bring instant smiles. This year, a little more magic appears with limited edition Green Milk Turn Lucky Charms.

As many cereal fans appreciate, cereal milk is the special treat in the cereal bowl. This limited edition cereal adds a colorful treat to that sweetened beverage. Those magical clovers have some extra magic. Although the green milk might seem like a trick, it is totally a tasty treat. If you want to enjoy this special cereal, it is best to act quickly, those cereal boxes will be gone before you know it.

Lucky Charms sprinkles its magic outside of the cereal bowl.

While many people have found creative uses for those Lucky Charms marshmallows, there are even more ways to celebrate the magical deliciousness this St. Patrick’s Day. As Mindy Murray, senior brand experience manager for Lucky Charms shared, the brand is “synonymous with wonderment and fun, and this year we’re adding even more colorful magic for a special St. Patrick’s Day”

Stone Cold Creamery will be offering a Lucky Charms Ice Cream and Lucky Charms Shake. The two special desserts will be available starting on March 1.

Also, Lucky’s CharmWorld by CANDY LAND is new sweet twist to the classic board game. Through a partnership with Hasbro, a rainbow path can inspire family game night. The new board game can be ordered via the online store.

But, the fun doesn’t stop there. From Charm-themed Crocs Jibbitz charms to video e-cards from JibJab, this St. Patrick’s Day will have everyone feeling extra special. Finding that special pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is even sweeter this year.

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What is your favorite family St. Patrick’s Day traditions? Is a special food part of the focus?